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Mike Judge announced common side effects of the new adult swim series

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Adult Swim has announced that a new half-hour comedy series has arrived at the network. Created by Joe Bennett and Steve Healy and executive-produced Beavis and Butt-head The masterminds were Mike Judge and his frequent collaborator Greg Daniels, titled Common side effects – It will address the topics of government corruption and Big Pharma from a “unique” perspective.

The series was announced at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Friday, June 16th. The plot centers around former high school lab partners Marshall and Francis, who, according to a press release, “set out to unravel a conspiracy involving Big Pharma and the federal government to suppress knowledge of a rare mushroom that may hold the key to a cure for all the world’s diseases.”

Tonally, this is unlike anything else in animation right now, so we knew that right away Common side effects “She belongs with Adult Swim,” network president Michael O’Wellen said in a statement. “Mike, Greg, and this entire team have such a deep lineage in the worlds of comics and animation, and this new series will tackle everything from government corruption to the drug industry through their unique and funny points of view.”


Previously, Bennett worked on science fiction animated series Scavengers reign for Max, while Hailey was co-executive producer of vice presidentand wrote for American DadAnd 30 rockAnd the desk.

The judge revealed his second season Beavis and Butt-head Revival on Paramount+ back in April. Earlier this year, Adult Swim also announced the return of A.J outer space spin off, Aqua Teen Hunger Forceand revival of the show for a twelfth season.

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