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must be followed | Vizzia wants to end illegal dumping

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Since 2017, there has been a record number of illegal dumping crimes recorded by the French police by 85%. Eco bubbles cost €16 billion a year in Europe and €1.5 billion in France, according to Adim. In addition to the direct cost to societies, this situation threatens the environment, polluting rivers, choking landscapes, and affecting the quality of life of millions of people.

Founded in 2021 by Catherine Dimitrova and Alexandre Lebocher, physics It has precisely this fight against illegal dumping of its core business. By combining self-powered cameras, patented detection algorithms and software adapted to the agents’ profession, Vizzia’s solution detects the appearance of waste using image overlay technology combined with computer vision. Present in over 15 communities (Porto Vecchio, Montelimar, Valbonne, etc.) and in 14 other cities including 4 major cities, the startup claims to be able to reduce 80% of illegal deposits in 6 months on average, with the potential To collect savings of up to 90,000 euros annually.

To make this happen, Vizzia has just completed a €3.4 million fundraiser from Sistafund, Made For All and several business sponsors. “This fundraising will help us accelerate the deployment of our solution to local authorities in France and to meet local authorities abroad: as in Switzerland, explain the founders. In addition, we are in discussion with major cities, such as the city of Paris, with which we are working on an experiment.” The company will also hire new technical, sales and marketing talents and has set itself the goal of avoiding 110,000 tons of waste by 2028.

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