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Twitter: Linda Iaccarino explains why she decided to take over as head of the social network behind Elon Musk

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A week after becoming CEO, Elon Musk’s replacement, Linda Iaccarino, at the helm of Twitter, explained her reasons for joining the company, using the same rhetoric and keywords as his predecessor.

Monday, June 12th at a A thread posted on TwitterAnd Linda Iaccarino Explain that workElon Musk On other areas that inspired her to work with him: “Elon knew space exploration and electric vehicles needed to change, so he did,” she said, adding that “it became clear that the global public arena needed a similar shift.” .

She also said that Twitter’s mission is to “become the world’s most accurate source of real-time information and a global public arena for communication,” noting that people should have “the freedom to say what they think,” echoing Elon Musk’s obsession with freedom. letter.

Twitter has the “power to cross divisions,” Linda Iaccarino said, despite Elon Musk being accused of promoting right-wing extremists since taking the platform. The billionaire was also singled out for encouraging voters to support Republican candidates in the 2022 US midterm elections and for suspending the accounts of journalists who criticized his approach to Twitter.

According to a journalist from The New York TimesSome of the messages Linda Yaccarino posted on Twitter were also sent internally to the social network’s employees as the new CEO’s first company-wide email.

Linda Iaccarino, who has significant experience in advertising, an area in which Twitter has struggled since being bought by Elon Musk, was named CEO in May and took over the next day. last weekearlier than expected.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion In October 2022 and immediately began laying off senior executives and downsizing. With the stated goal of expanding freedom of expression on the platform, he has renewed content moderation and unblocked people who had previously been suspended from Twitter, including the former president. Donald Trump, whose account was suspended after the January 6 riots due to a “risk of further incitement to violence”. Elon Musk’s changes upset companies, advertisers, and high-profile users, and by the end of January, more than half of Twitter’s top advertisers had stopped spending on the platform, CNN reported. After it was announced that Elon Musk would be replaced by Linda Iaccarino, who previously served as NBCUniversal’s chief advertising officer, speculation arose that his hiring was in part to appease nervous advertisers who had left the platform.

Linda Yaccarino’s first big step was announced over the weekend: Twitter will start paying creators for ads displayed in their responses. However, there are conditions, mainly, that only verified creators are eligible and only ads shown to verified users count towards revenue, Elon Musk tweeted. The first installment of financing is up to 5 million dollars, but it is still not known what types of messages or users. The increased revenue that can result from this new model is likely to help Twitter move to its new identity as X, a “one app for everything” with a number of functionalities. Elon Musk hopes to make it “the largest financial institution in the world.”

Meta, for its part, has been testing its rival Twitter project, dubbed “Project 92” and formerly “Barcelona,” with celebrities and influencers for months, and gave its staff a taste of it last week. Chris Cox, product manager at Meta, told staff that the goal of the new product is to have a platform that prioritizes “security, ease of use, and reliability” and to ensure that creators have a “stable place to build and grow their audience”. According to some rumors, the new app is likely to be launched this summer.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Molly Bohannon

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