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Invest in wine streaming with the WineTV ICO

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A newcomer to the streaming industry, audiovisual producer E-Studioz is launching BlueWine, its platform entirely dedicated to wine and spirits. Something to please spirits lovers and spirits lovers. They already have enough to satisfy their passion with a wide range of videos dedicated exclusively to the wine sector. Discover the amazing potential of BlueWine and how to invest in an ICO for its native token WineTV.

Reasons to invest in flow wine

BlueWine is undoubtedly revolutionizing the thematic broadcasting industry. It is, in fact, the first time that a platform entirely dedicated to wine and spirits has been implemented. It was started by an independent film content production company E-StudiosThe project is ambitious, to say the least.

The company’s goal through BlueWine is fairly simple. Concretely, it is about offering something for all lovers of wine and spirits to satisfy their curiosity. Indeed, so far those have been abandoned in one way or another. Strictly speaking, there was no specialized source providing access to content related to this topic. However, thematic streaming platforms have exploded in recent years.

In this context, BlueWine was born in January 2023. Its mission: to bring wine and spirits lovers in touch with the reality of winemaking through exclusive cinematic content. The platform should cover a wide range of items that allow enthusiasts to discover the intricacies of this industry. A discovery that includes landscapes, terrain images, different types of grapes, and more.

BlueWine is also a way to discover the deep history of karma and the professions it embodies. A story told by individual producers and families around the world. All this will be done on demand or through a subscription that gives access to a wide variety of content in different formats on one platform. No need to multiply your searches on the Internet to find the desired content on the topic of wine. BlueWine is designed as a search engine that allows you to find the desired items in just a few clicks.

However, the platform’s ambitions don’t stop at offering content dedicated to wine and spirits. BlueWine is also seen as a tool to promote the revitalization and thus development of the wine sector.

It would then be a matter of BlueWine’s involvement in the original content production and financing sector. The ultimate goal is to create a craze around the wine to get others to discover its potential. This goal includes expanding the community of wine lovers and bringing together representatives, including film producers. Hence the urgent need for stakeholder mobilization of funds.

How to invest in the WineTV ICO?

to fund BlueWine Thus furthering its realization, E-Studioz has opted for digital currency crowdfunding. This is why the company is launching on April 24, 2023 in Bordeaux, its Initial Coin Offering, or ICO. The operation, which is being carried out in conjunction with the launch of E-Studioz’s native token called “WineTV”, aims to attract interest from potential investors.

With this in mind, the total supply for sale is 10,000,000 million tokens. These assets are deployed on BNB Chain, the multi-chain blockchain created by Binance. Fixed at €0.15 per token, the sale of all these cryptocurrencies should make it possible to raise €1.5m.

Everything you need to know about the WineTV icon – Source: WineTV

These funds will be used towards the annual co-production of approximately 10 original and exclusive content. A production that should greatly benefit investors and promoters. In particular, they designed and made available the Confidence Package. This is an exclusive offer to hold the coins purchased in a “long” account on the IBEx platform. The process actually has a specific goal. This is to allow investors to benefit from a 100% increase in the initial total of WineTV tokens purchased.

In addition, the company intends to conduct WineTV code burnings quarterly. This is a process to withdraw a certain amount of tokens from the market. Thus, the price of the asset increases due to the scarcity of WineTV tokens in circulation. This ultimately enhances value creation for investors.

As detailed by Gerard Spatafora, co-founder of E-Studioz SAS, the company has established a perpetual buyback program. About 12% of the company’s sales are dedicated to it. This provisional amount will represent €1.3 million at the end of 2023, with a potential of €156,000.


The goals of the E-Studioz film production company are very simple. It wants to play its part to fill a deep void in terms of wines and spirits. This is especially about catering to the needs of music lovers in terms of relevant and quality audiovisual content on the subject. This is what the BlueWine streaming platform contributes to. This aims to be a leading platform for all wine lovers. It is not the market that is lacking. According to the statistical data, there will be about 384 million people consuming wine and spirits around the world. This is every week! E-Studioz is counting on this potential to generate a turnover of approximately €1.3 million by the end of the year. Information about this ambitious initiative is Available here.

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