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Sigur Rós unveils Blóðberg, first new song in seven years: Stream

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Sigur Rós has revealed “Blóðberg”, the Icelandic band’s first original new song in nearly a decade. It also marks the band’s first recording since the return of multi-instrumentalist Kjartan Svensson in 2022.

The seven-minute production takes time for the mournful chords that sweep through the lush, undulating orchestra to gather, while Jonsy Bergeson’s divine confrontational vocals rise to the most unsettling high register. The new song’s impressive weight is somewhat offset by the devastating music video directed by Johan Rink. Watch it below.

“I feel as nihilistic as one can possibly be about the future,” Rink shared in a statement. “We are powerless before our own follies. Some aspects of this were combined with my impressions of the ‘Blauberg’ themes. The music became the result of my wretched thoughts, giving them beauty as only music does.”


Meanwhile, guitarist Georg Holm spoke of Svensson’s return to the band and its influence on the development of their upcoming first album in 10 years, saying: “We needed a kick in the ass and for someone to say, ‘Now we’re going to get down to business – here’s a few ideas. ‘” We needed focus, detail, and a work ethic. He’s an old organ, but it was like the outdoors.”

“Blóðberg” arrives ahead of Sigur Rós’ 2023 Summer Tour, which kicks off in London on June 16 and continues across Europe and North America through August. All performances will feature orchestral accompaniment, in keeping with the band’s latest release, Archive 2020, the string-packed LP Raven magic Odin. Get tickets for upcoming dates here.

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