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Righteous Gems Arrive at Jesus Moment in Season 3: Review

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dirty: Three seasons in, the Gem family is at the helm of God’s kingdom—Eli (John Goodman) is happily retired, and has handed the torch to his three children, Jesse (Danny McBride), Kelvin (Adam DeVine), and Judy (Eddie Patterson), who are imbibing in the fame and fortune that They have long dreamed of it.

But as always, there’s trouble in Heaven, as the family’s decades of hypocrisy and greed continue to blight it inside and out. Not only that, the shaky shift in driving leads to an exodus of its devotees, most notably car racing legend Dusty Daniels (Shea Whigham, pie with aging makeup). And who is this disheveled woman (Kristen Johnson) who attacks Ellie at a book signing, and how does she relate to Gems’ bitter and distant cousin (Steve Zahn), who has started an armed militia just outside town?

Oh my god, lollipop!: “Our origin story sucks,” Jesse laments early in the third (and hopefully not final) season of McBride’s black comedy about the cowardly hypocrisy of the Great Church of Prosperity and the Gospel. The most vacillating yet emotionally vulnerable of the family, he wonders aloud if they will shake off the shaky early days of their reign, like Leno when he took charge of Late Night. “What if we weren’t Leno?” He thinks. “What if we were just Conan?”


Gemstoneslike McBride’s two other shows before it, east and down And Deputy directors, delights in playing absurd lines and moments with deadpan sincerity. That’s part of its charm, really; He thinks Succession, if Logan used honey instead of vinegar to keep his three kids under his thumb, and there were more scenes about a monster truck crashing altogether. (The season opener introduces us to The Redeemer, a gigantic fire-breathing car whose appearances will elicit as much primal suspense in the viewer as the gem.)

The three of us and you: But like the last season of that other show, Gemstones He spends most of his time in Season 3 figuring out what happens when the kids actually take the crown. Jesse conflicts with his role as the eldest son, dying Mutton in jet black (shades of Rudy Giuliani) and complaining about his wife Amber’s (Cassidy Freeman) fixation on his $500 Christian counseling system.

Meanwhile, Kelvin and his best friend Keefe (Tony Cavalero, one of the series MVPs) are busy harnessing their deep lust for each other in Smut Busters, a church initiative in which they skip highway sex shops in their giant purple truck and buy their stock to keep it out of the hands of sinners. (The fact that they do so little but soar in these institutions’ revenues is, of course, part of the dark joke.) And Judy navigates the intricacies of a relationship that began with bandmate Sugar Ray (Steven Schneider) while on tour, with a bad husband. Luck BJ (Tim Baltz) Nobody is the wiser.


Righteous Gems (HBO)

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