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How do you ensure that the request is followed up brilliantly?

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The job market is strong and the employees are very busy. This is why your ability to follow and receive news with tact, confidence, and professionalism is an essential skill when you are looking for a job.

How to proceed can be an important interaction point in the process. If you are overly motivated or pushy, you risk alienating your employer. But at the same time, you don’t want to fade away or be forgotten.

Here’s how to strike a balance, and express your enthusiasm and confidence without scaring off employers.

An increasingly narrow job market

The need for follow-up is influenced by the labor market and the extent of stress, tension and confusion faced by talent recruiters. According to a survey by Jobvite, 65% of recruiters say their job is more stressful today than it was a year ago, and 81% of talent acquisition professionals say attracting top talent has become more difficult over the past year.

Due to the activity of recruiters, candidates may not receive the answers they would like. In fact, according to a Monster survey, 90% of people say they’ve had the experience of ” shadows And 73% said they had lost faith in the system. This experience can have negative consequences for job seekers, with 69% reporting psychological side effects and 12% physical side effects related to the job search process.

But despite the stress, it is necessary to persevere, reach out, register and stay committed to finding a job.

Be active

Not sure if you should continue? In general, this is the case. Unless the application instructions tell you otherwise, it is usually acceptable to continue a week or two after application.

But how to proceed is very important. Keep in mind that if the recruiter has not yet reviewed your application, your evaluation may be the first impression they have of you. You must be professional and ensure that your letter is of high quality. You can tell him that you want to “see the status of your application,” tell him that you want to “track” your application, or even “check in.”

In a Jobvite survey, 62% of professionals said their top priority is improving the quality of their employees. They are looking for the best and brightest talent so your tracking style is a way to shine.

be positive

You must also be positive and express your interest in the position. You should also show respect, honoring the fact that you are one of the hiring manager’s many responsibilities and part of a larger process.

You want to express your confidence, but also your gratitude for the time and support he gave you. If your letter sounds like the hiring manager owes you something or didn’t follow up properly, they’re going to get frustrated. Be firm and assertive, without being pushy or arrogant.

Make things easier

When checking in, direct your note to a specific person, if applicable. Also, make your message easy to understand. To do this, clearly state the subject of your letter and keep it brief. Remind them of the job you are applying for and tell them briefly about yourself and your qualifications.

Also attach relevant information (eg cover letter, resume, link to your application). And of course, make sure your note is free of errors or typos. Offer to provide him with any additional information he may need and invite him to contact you.

By making it easier for a talented professional to check your case and get back to you, you will strengthen the relationship because they will appreciate your approach, and you will increase the likelihood that they will come back to you.

Show understanding

It’s also a good idea to show empathy by acknowledging that they are busy and showing that you know the process. This will enhance your credibility.

Ultimately, you want your follower to show who you are and increase the likelihood that the person will want to continue interacting with you (i.e. working with you as a colleague within their organization).

Deserves all the effort

It can be hard to catch up on an app, as it can seem like you’re reaching out blindly in the dark. But it’s worth it so that recruiters don’t lose sight of your application and prove your commitment, interest and perseverance – all of which will make you stand out on the job.

Translated article from Forbes US – Author: Tracy Brower

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