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“Luxembourg is a gateway to conquering the international market”

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Advensis Luxembourg Group Specialized in finance, taxation and accounting and implementing strategic and operational solutions to facilitate the creation of a Luxembourg entity and thus penetration into the European market. Meet its founder, Irvin Dolberg.

How is Luxembourg’s financial center like today?

Today, the financial center of Luxembourg is one of the most dynamic and attractive in the world. It ranks second in investment fund structure, just behind the United States, and has a reputation for excellence in finance, tax, and regulation.

In addition, for Europeans, the Luxembourg financial center is a strategic entry point for conquering foreign markets. French companies, for example, can take advantage of the reputation and experience of the Grand Duchy to penetrate markets outside the European Union. Luxembourg banks have a long experience in investing abroad and can support their clients in their international development. This explains why more and more French clients are choosing Luxembourg as the destination for their investment projects abroad. Unlike French banks, Luxembourg banks are able to provide quality services for international projects and have recognized experience in this field.

In short, the Luxembourg financial center offers companies a favorable regulatory environment, recognized expertise and access to international markets. This is why it is a favorite destination for many investors around the world.

How does the digital transformation of the sector affect you?

regarding technological developments Most recently, blockchain is an increasingly important topic in the financial industry. We are proud to be part of the Luxembourg Financial Center, which was one of the first countries to amend its legislation to allow asset tokenization. This process allows traditional assets, such as bonds and stocks, to be converted into digital tokens and traded via the blockchain. We believe this can provide significant benefits, such as increased transparency and transaction security.

The digital transformation of the financial sector has significant implications for both businesses and customers. At Groupe Advensys, we have chosen to go 100% digital, with a growing cloud presence and online marketing campaigns. We have also adopted digital tools adapted to mobile media for internal organization, in particular for planning and controlling tasks in interaction with our customers and partners. We believe this shift is critical to staying competitive and meeting the expectations of our customers, who are increasingly accustomed to online interactions.

We are convinced that the customer relationship is essential and that it is important to maintain closeness with our customers, especially with digital tools.

Do you see a real appetite for sustainable and responsible investments?

The growing demand for sustainable and responsible investing is a very real phenomenon. At Groupe Advensys, we have witnessed this development and have responded to this demand by offering a full suite of ESG solutions. The current legislation also obliges us to offer our customers branded products in this field. We are convinced that sustainable and responsible investments are the future of investment, as they allow investors to achieve financial returns with a positive impact on society and the environment.

At Groupe Advensys, we take pride in supporting our clients in their responsible investment approach. We work closely with leading ESG solution providers to offer our customers a selection of products tailored to their needs and goals. We strongly believe that responsible investing can make a significant contribution to creating a more sustainable and just world, while offering competitive financial returns over the long term.

Regulatory compliance can be a real headache. How is this issue being handled within the Advensys group?

Regulatory compliance is an important topic for the Advensys Group, which implements solutions tailored to each client, in accordance with local laws. To achieve this, we work closely with clients’ attorneys and our legal team to ensure optimal compliance. In some cases, we may use third-party companies to help us keep abreast of ongoing regulatory developments.

At Groupe Advensys we understand that regulatory compliance can be a real issue for our clients. This is why we strive to provide them with high-quality, personalized support to help them navigate this complex area. Our tailored approach allows us to ensure optimal compliance, while offering regular monitoring to ensure our clients comply with applicable laws and regulations.

You work in a very competitive industry. How do you check the difference?

In a highly competitive sector, it is essential to create teams to stand out. At Groupe Advensys, our strength lies in our comprehensive approach, offering a wide range of services ranging from Investment advice and insurance for the accounting firm. This complete offering allows us to meet our customers’ needs in a global way, by offering them customized solutions adapted to their specific objectives. In short, we do our best to be the partner of choice for our clients and support them in all aspects of their financial lives.

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