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For 10 years, Deaf Sunbather has challenged the limits of metal

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“The entire shoegaze/Black metal, or post-black metal, thing was done 10 years before we were a band,” Deafheaven founder guitarist Kerry McCoy told the Red Bull Music Academy in 2017. to form the 2010 San Francisco Act, with Alcest, Fen, and Amesoeurs (among other artists) helping launch it.

However, neither those bands nor their black metal predecessors (Immortal, Agalloch, Mayhem, Bathory, etc.) were really household names. Despite being moderately successful, the record for 2011 Deaf Deaf Debuts – Roads to Judah — the style didn’t exactly launch into the public consciousness either.

tracking SunbathedHowever, I certainly did.

Released on June 11, 2013, it saw McCoy and founding singer George Clarke combine the brutality and/or beauty of influences such as Ulver, the Emperor, Mogwai, The Cranberries, and Slowdive (whose name inspired it) into an innovative new musical tapestry. Unsurprisingly, the end result was simultaneously beloved by critics and censured by black metal originals.


A full decade later, the acclaimed and controversial album remains a bold step forward for both Deafheaven and Blackgaze as a whole.

part of SunbathedIts triumph lies in the hardships that the duo – formerly of Grindcore Rise of Caligula – overcame while creating it. Simply, Roads to Judah It was written and recorded as a quintet, but shortly thereafter, guitarist Nick Bassett, drummer Trevor Decheriver, and bassist Derek Breen left, in part due to the fact that Clark and McCoy were unable to keep them.

In fact, McCoy revealed in an interview with Red Bull, the pair were sharing a flat with several roommates and “eating off food stamps”. Thus, they could not completely envy the other players for leaving, and embraced authorship Sunbathed Since then—as Clark told PopMatters in 2013—it has allowed them to “get in each other’s heads” and work with a common vision.


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