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David Byrne and Broadway Union reach agreement Here Lies Love production

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David Byrne has reached an agreement with the American Federation of Musicians local 802 for an upcoming Broadway staging Herein lies love and diversity reports. The show will debut on June 17 with 12 musicians after the union invited Byrne to use live music in the production.

“Broadway is a very special place with the world’s best musicians and shows, and we’re thrilled that this convention honors that tradition,” Local 802 President and CEO Tina Gagliardi said in a statement. The union had previously criticized Byrne for its plans to use pre-recorded music in the musical, stating that the move violated a mandatory contract clause that required 19 musicians to be hired for all musicals staged on Broadway. Gagliardi described the structure of the backing track as an “existential threat to Broadway” that threatens the livelihoods of working musicians.

the team behind Here lives love – A musical written by Byrne and Fatboy Slim based on their 2010 concept album of the same name – they defended their decision to use pre-recorded music, arguing that it was essential to the Filipino dance club culture depicted in the show. The musical is based on the rise and fall of former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos during the People Power Revolution, and previous productions in London, Seattle and Off Broadway have used pre-recorded music.


Here lies love The producers discussed the agreement with the Broadway Union in a statement. “On behalf of our cast, company and creative team, we have reached an agreement with Musicians Union Local 802, pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement,” they said. “We look forward to welcoming audiences to experience the revolutionary musical Here Lies Love on Broadway starting Saturday, June 17.”

Producers added,Here lies love He always had three musical actors and a musical director in every production. The integrity of the show and the musical concept remains the same.” The compromise to introduce 12 musicians comes after the production team sought to have the show declared a “special status”, which would allow fewer than 19 musicians to be hired.

Here lies love It officially opens July 20th on Broadway.

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