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Brian: Geraniol to fight parasites in a virtuous way

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Specializing in anti-parasitic treatments on BtoB textiles, Breyner opens up to the BtoC market with a range of anti-parasitic maintenance products, by controlling their impact on the environment and human health.

“98% of the active ingredients in insecticides on the market are neurotoxic. We have always been struck by the ambiguity of this sector. No one is aware of the toxicological risks it takes by using this type of product.”Benoit NYS attests.

Dust mites, bacteria, bugs, moths, mosquitoes, no parasite can resist the company’s remedies, which are made with an active ingredient inspired by plants with many advantages: geraniol. This molecule is present in almost all plants around us such as carrots, ginger, blackberries, grapes or even raspberries. The geraniol molecule has the peculiarity of being particularly versatile: an olfactory agent in the perfume industry, a flavoring agent in food, an active substance with insecticidal properties, insect repellent and larvicide in the biocidal industry.

Geraniol is also non-neurotoxic to humans, unlike almost all other insecticidal substances on the market.

“We have developed and patented a technology to formulate Geraniol which allows it to be stabilized in water and greatly improve its performance by providing very interesting synergistic effects. Our Geraniol can compete with any chemical product on the market”says the commander.

Thanks to the experience in green chemistry that the company has accumulated over the past 25 years, Brainer’s treatments ensure that they control their impact on human health, thus reducing their pollution on the planet.

Fight bed bugs

“Our modern living conditions encourage bed bug infestations, we live in confined environments and we travel. Because our treatments work especially well on this parasite, we created a highly effective treatment product and eco-friendly personal counseling service called GREENHELP”Benoit NYS explains.

Behind this desire to help individuals fight off an infestation of these pests is a website and a toll-free number to call for advice in the event of a bed bug infestation.

The company’s aggressive research and development approach prompted the in-depth analysis of the many virtues of Geraniol that can respond to various applications in our modern societies. She is looking in particular at an opportunity to develop phytosanitary treatments for agriculture thanks to the herbicidal and fungicide properties she has been able to highlight.

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