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The Pink Panther shares “Angel” from the Barbie Soundtrack: Stream

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PinkPantheress shared the new song, “Angel,” which is her contribution to the upcoming single Barbie Audio recording. Listen to the single below.

It’s as if the PinkPantheress is singing “Angel” from the perspective of Barbie herself, who is famous, Everything. “Everyone tells me life is hard, but it’s a piece of cake,” she sings with ease. Complete with fiddles and an extra snapping percussion, the track sounds particularly extreme for the British producer, whose short songs blew up in large part for their simplicity. However, they are artistically colored and soft, which makes them an easy fit for Barbievers.

“Angel” follows PinkPantheress’ November single “Do You Miss Me?” It represents the third path to be edited from Barbie Audio recording. Previously, Dua Lipa shared the song of the week “Dance the Night”, and Karol G performed “WATI”. The album also features Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj, Lizzo, and even Ryan Gosling, who performs the song as his character, Ken. Arrives in full on July 21, same day Barbie hit theatres.


Director Greta Gerwig has gone to great lengths to ensure that her film adaptation of the beloved Mattel doll is a worthwhile addition to the series. Barbie CImmediately. She and production designer Sarah Greenwood modeled Barbie Land in the real Barbie Dreamhouse style, using lots of pink that caused an international shortage.

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