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Luno: professional equipment for health centers

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specialize inIncorporating the latest generation of machinery and equipment for luxury professionals, Luno advises and supports many clients with personalized advice and customized training.

Access to high-tech devices

Founded and managed by Cécile Guislain – a nurse and psychologist by profession – Luno currently offers a range of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, aimed at improving the comfort and well-being of its users. The company offers, in particular, high-performance professional beauty machines, but also slimming machines to tone and redefine the silhouette.

Ces appareils s’adressent aujourd’hui à un large panel of professionnels, qu’il s’agisse de cabinets d’estheticiennes, de kinésithérapeutes, de thalasso centres, de SPA, de clinicals specialisées, insi que l’ensemble des centers de Psychological comfort.

Depending on the needs of their customers, professionals can be guided and mentored by Luno teams in order to choose the machines most suitable for their business needs. the goal? To provide its customers with a range of quality services, while improving the profitability of its structure.

Lono: The expert in continuing education

To learn how to master these new technologies and learn about the latest innovations on the market, Cécile Guislain offers continuous training that professionals can follow via the e-learning platform on the company’s website. Luno also organizes weekly themed sessions that allow luxury professionals to build and improve their skills.

All machines sold by Luno are guaranteed for 2 years, and they are based on natural solutions that respect customers’ bodies, with fast, effective and painless results.

It is now available in seven countries around the world With more than a thousand customers and after twenty-two years of experience in the fields of slimming and firming, Luno appears more than ever as one of the references in terms of innovation and distribution. Medical Equipment. The knowledge that Cécile Ghislain intends to continue to bring to as many people as possible, in order to help professionals in this sector increase their profitability through the use of the most modern equipment.

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