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Brian J. Smith on the Enduring Magic of Class: The Spark Parade

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Brian J. Smith is no stranger to the emotional lift required of actors. Known for his work at Netflix feeling 8 and his Tony-nominated role in the 2013 revival of Glass zoo, he could even find himself in awe of the work of his fellow professionals. In this episode of Spark ParadeSmith recalls finding himself in awe of Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar-winning film Separation after he saw her for the first time.


Subsequent viewings only further impress him with the complex story of the acrimonious dissolution of the couple’s relationship and the ensuing fallout. “I really think the movie is a miracle,” says Smith. “You wonder how they managed to get all these conflicts out there, the way they could have it unfold in such a way that was so completely organic to the story. It doesn’t feel scripted at all; it’s one of those movies that you feel like you’re watching it just unfold…”

Hear Brian J. Smith talk about this and more in the new episode, then be sure to catch his new series Class 09 on FX on Hulu. Please also take the time to like, review, and subscribe to the Spark Parade wherever you get your podcast, and keep up with all of our series by following the Consequence Podcast Network.

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