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Well go settle the lawsuit with subsequent foods over instant cereal

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Back in January, OK Go was embroiled in a bizarre lawsuit with Post Foods over the right to use the band’s name for a line of instant cereal cups named OK Go! Now, the two parties have reached a confidential settlement and have asked a Minnesota federal judge to permanently dismiss the lawsuit.

according to painting, the court filing said the band and the grain giant “settled this action on terms acceptable to all parties” without specifying the terms of the agreement in public court records. As such, it is not clear if OK Go will be paid or if OK Go! The brand will continue under a different name.

However, the band itself Share statement On social media it read, “Litigation with Post over OK GO trademark has been resolved pursuant to a confidential settlement agreement and Post has agreed to withdraw its application to record ‘OK GO! as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


OK Go sent a cease and desist letter to the Post in September 2022, saying the company’s OK Go! The brand name “suggested to consumers” that the band was endorsing Post’s products. An attorney from the Post responded a week later, arguing that the combination and the breakfast cereal were “obviously unrelated products.”

Post followed up in January by filing a complaint alleging that the company “will be unfairly forced to continue investing in the new OK GO! brand under the constant threat of baseless future litigation by the Defendants.” In a statement to paintingOK Go said they were surprised by the lawsuit and admonished Post for trying to “bully us out of our names”.

OK Go was featured in a Season 2 episode of Jack McBrayer’s Apple TV+ children’s series Hi Jack! Show kindness last October. Their last album was in 2014 Hungry ghosts.

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