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Pearl Jam’s new album is “close to the finish line,” says Stone Gossard

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Pearl Jam’s new album is “nearing the finish line,” says guitarist Stone Gossard.

Gossard shared an update on Pearl Jam’s new album during his appearance on Kyle Meredith with…

Gossard said of the 2020 follow-up Gigaton.


Producer Andrew Watt was listed to produce the album. Although he first made a name for himself working with pop stars like Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey, and Camila Cabello, Watt has helmed a number of high-profile rock projects lately. Produced by Elton John’s closing sessionsOzzy Osbourne’s Patient number 9and Iggy Pop Every loser. He also worked with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder on his 2022 solo album, groundingwhich has now benefited from his work producing Pearl Jam themselves.

Gossard said Watt is “the most hardcore Pearl Jam fan you’ll ever meet. He can play all our songs, all Soundgarden songs for us — better than we can play them…”

“It was a real pleasure to do a record with him,” Gossard added. “It energizes us.”


Gossard wouldn’t elaborate on whether that sense of energy might translate into a sound reminiscent of the band’s early days. He replied, “You have to be a judge of that.” “energy [Watt]Looking for… He’s a fan club member, he’s seen the group 50 times. But he’s also a great pop producer.”

You can listen to Gossard’s full interview below. It also discusses Brad’s upcoming latest album, memories of recording the early Pearl Jam and Temple of the Dog albums, and more.

Starting in late August, Pearl Jam will be out on the road playing an array of US shows.


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