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Ayo Edebiri And Rachel Sennott Start A Queer Fight Club To Lie In The Bottoms Trailer: WATCH

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‘Welcome to the fucking fight club,’ Rachel Sinnott’s character says in the trailer. bottoms, setting the tone for Emma Seligman’s new sex comedy, set to hit theaters in August. Watch the full trailer below.

Following Sennott and Ayo Edebiri as two gay high school seniors who start a fight club to teach girls self-defense—and get along with them— bottoms It sells itself as a raunchy, irreverent, coming-of-age comedy. The trailer begins when Sennott and Edebiri are having trouble with their manager (who calls them “ugly and untalented gays”), then shows the duo getting out of their predicament by starting a fight club with the help of the club’s sponsor, Mr. G (portrayed by retired Marshawn Lynch).

Featuring quotes from Rolling Stone And other posts about how the movie is the “horniest” and “bloodiest” release of recent memory, the trailer certainly delivers on streaks, bloodstains, and sex jokes galore. “Just stay in your lane until you chew a beaver at Wesleyan,” the principal joked.


While this may not be the most appropriate thing in the context of a “high school” comedy, Seligman and Sinnott’s writing walks that line on purpose. Later, when Lynch began to talk about “tickle the pearl” with his pupils, Edebiri said—with a perfectly wistful facial expression—”I don’t know if you’re supposed to talk to us that way, just, like, as a teacher.”

Produced by Elizabeth Banks (recently on the hit cocaine beer), bottoms It will be the latest collaboration between Seligman and Sinnott, who directed and starred respectively in 2020 Shiva Baby. Along with Sinnott, Eddieberry, and Lynch, Havana Rose Liu, Kaia Gerber, Nicholas Gallitzin, and others will also star. The film debuted at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival and is set to be released in select theaters on August 25th before expanding to additional cities on September 1st.

Sennott recently starred in the 2022 horror film A24 onesies onesies onesies He currently has a role as the best friend and assistant to Lily-Rose Depp’s character on the HBO series idol. On her part, Edebiri has become a well-known name for her role in The bearand appeared on Tim Robinson’s popular comedy show I think you should leavewhich just premiered its third season.


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