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Meta launched its new virtual reality headset just before Apple

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Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company’s next virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest 3, in an Instagram post on Thursday, promising better screens and resolutions.


  • Mark Zuckerberg wrote in the post that Meta Quest 3 will cost €570 and be available in the fall, with more details at the Meta conference on September 27.
  • The new headset will feature higher resolution images, a lighter and thinner body than Meta’s latest VR headset, and appears to have three cameras on the front, which may help improve the mixed reality experience when seeing the real world while wearing the headset, compared to the company’s previous headsets.
  • Quest 3 will cost 220 euros more than its predecessor, Quest 2, whose price will drop from June 4, to 350 euros.

the shadow

In April, Apple told Bloomberg that it plans to showcase its first mixed reality headset at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5. The company hopes to enter the VR space for the first time, following other tech giants like Meta and Microsoft. The Apple product will use xrOS, based on iOS, which will allow headphones to use iPad apps and ramp up Apple’s efforts to make iOS apps run smoothly on everyone. Apple products. On Wednesday, China’s Oppo also launched a mixed reality headset designed specifically for developers.

main context

Meta, formerly Facebook, has been heading first into the virtual reality industry, changing its name in 2021 to reflect a shift in focus toward building the metaverse, a virtual extension of the physical world that builds on virtual reality and social media. Meta made its first big step into the world of virtual reality in 2014 by buying Oculus for $2 billion (€1.86 billion).

A large number

20 million. That’s how many Meta headphones were sold in the month of March, according to a report by The Verge. That number includes sales of the Quest 1, Quest 2, and Quest Pro, but the majority of sales were made with the Quest 2, according to The Verge. Meta reported an operating loss of $13.7 billion (€12.8 billion) in 2022 for its virtual reality division, Reality Labs, an even bigger loss than the $10.2 billion reported in 2021. This is partly due to lower consumer interest in headsets, though global level. Shipments fell 20% in 2022 from the previous year, according to the International Data Corporation. However, Meta remained an industry giant, accounting for 80% of all VR headset sales in 2022, according to IDC.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Catherine Hamilton

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