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Ed Sheeran grills cheesesteaks for fans between Philadelphia concerts

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Ed Sheeran served up some cheesesteaks in Philly between shows on his weekend trip to Philadelphia, following in the spirit of the ongoing “Math Tour” pairing his massive stadium dates with intimate theater performances in select cities.

In a decision that kept him aloof in the long-running local rivalry between Gino and Pat, Sheeran chose to join SQ Philip’s Steaks in South Philadelphia for a surprise Saturday afternoon shift, where the “Shape of You” singer was taught by brothers-speaking owners Joseph and Philip Baldino. About the merits of Cheez Whiz melts, “slabs,” and the difference between “wit” and “witout.”

A crowd formed after Sheeran posted a survey on his Instagram story asking for the “best” cheesesteak in town, followed by a letter to Philip and the promise that “cheesesteaks are on me today.” He later posted a summary of his visit, which began with Sheeran declaring, “Philly, it’s clearly cheese time.”


Despite receiving praise from the Baldino brothers and receiving his first sandwich aptly described by a fan as “perfect”, Sheeran remained humble by noting that he was only doing half the job because he didn’t have to worry about collecting money from customers. Watch clips from Ed Sheeran’s transformation as a cheesesteak chef below.

Later, in a move showing that he was truly ready to embrace the City of Brotherly Love, Sheeran wore a Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles jersey during his keynote performance at Lincoln Financial Field, the NFL team’s home stadium.

Sheeran is clearly making the most of the “Mathematics Tour,” his first US tour in five years. The trip will continue through late September with support from Khalid, Ross, Ben Koehler, and more. Check tickets here.


In May, Sheeran won a protracted copyright battle over his 2014 hit song “Thinking Out Loud.” Elsewhere, he shared his love of country music, thanks to Taylor Swift, and hip-hop, and credited Eminem with helping cure his stutter. his childhood.

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