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Maxtime, where are you? Best quotes from week one from Roland-Garros

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PARIS – From Taylor Swift to McSteamy, it was the topics that ran the gamut in Week 1 in Roland Garros’ interview room that focused the gamut. Here are the best pranks and ideas from the first three tours of Paris:

“I haven’t seen Andy Murray since Madrid because he’s not there, but after winning the challenge I texted him. And I said ‘Congratulations.'”

He said: “Thank you and good luck at Roland Garros.”Maybe that’s why I’m playing so well now. » Mira Andreeva

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“Mom, I was born and raised in Prague, and I speak Czech fluently. This is the only reason I can play tennis, because I am half Czech.” – Kayla’s day

“Sometimes it’s important to mention age, but as a player going through that, yeah, it gets a little boring. Because I feel like the kind of person I don’t need to be congratulated for because of my age or anything. I’d rather be praised just for my game, not Because of things. Which I do at any age.” – Coco Gauff

“As my mom says, you never know if it’s a good draw until you play it. So let’s see how it goes.” – Elysee Cornet

“I think if it’s meant to be, I’ll get there one day. Otherwise, I’ll get a girl and make her win Wimbledon. You always have options.” Anas Jaber

“You won’t always play 100% unless you’re Alcaraz now and Iga.” Bianca Andreescu

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“I really don’t want to talk about it. [the 6-0 ‘Iga’s Bakery’ jokes]Because I really understand why people do it, because it’s fun and tennis is entertainment and all. But from the players point of view, I want to respect my opponents, you know, you don’t see things behind the scenes. Sometimes it is not easy to play such matches and sometimes it is not easy for the opponents either.

“I don’t want to talk about the bakery. Twitter can talk about it, but I’ll just focus on tennis.” – Come with your clothes

“For me, when I enter the stadium, I just try to think about the fighting spirit that we all Ukrainians have and how Ukrainians are fighting for their values, for their freedom in Ukraine. And here I am fighting for my front line.

“I can’t be sad. I can’t be distracted in some way. I’m just going to lose, you know?” Elena Svitolina

Honestly, believe it or not, [The Miami Heat] Winning, going 3-0 and then 3 – it all really helped me in my first round because if they don’t panic in Game 7, I don’t have to panic after losing the first set, which is what I literally told myself during the changeup. » – Coco Gauff

“I always say the closest games are when people play together when they are young or from the same country and know each other very well. And I think it is the hardest person to play. Even if someone is fifty places below you, if you grow up, you train with that person.” More difficult than if you were playing with the number 1 player in the world. » – Sloane Stephens

” the key [to playing against big hitters] It’s about playing every point, not getting upset over the opponent’s thousands of winners, and hoping for the best. » – Daria Kasatkina

“The dream? I know Djokovic has made 22 grand slams or 23 grand slams, so I want to go to 25, if possible.” Mira Andreeva

“When I was younger and a bit confused about life, and as a teenager listening to Taylor Swift, I didn’t feel alone. Also, I learned English by listening to her songs, so she was always close to me.” – Come with your clothes

“You’re trying to convince me [famous people in the stands] Because he is a famous person. They are good at their job. You want to show them that you are good at your craft type.

“I remember Eric Dane, he was in my dressing room at Indian Wells in 2019. He was really great. McStimmy, where are you? I need you back.” Bianca Andreescu

“I think Hawk-Eye takes the guesswork out and takes that kind of thing away. So mentally you have to move on because there’s nothing you can do about it. I think in that sense it helps.

But yeah, sure, I don’t think that’s 100% accurate. [Ostapenko] Maybe he wants a third party investigation. Let’s test the actual accuracy of this. » Jessica Pegula

“Sometimes in training — I try my best not to do that in games — but sometimes in training my rackets get thrown in the trash. I try to behave better during matches because I don’t want to have a violator and I don’t want to get fined.

“I remember fining him seven thousand dollars after breaking the racquet here in the quarter-finals two or three years ago. So I said to myself, I’m not going to waste seven thousand dollars anymore. It was more of a lesson learned for me.” – Coco Gauff

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