Home News Severe, noisy storms have battered southern Ontario, bringing hail and wind

Severe, noisy storms have battered southern Ontario, bringing hail and wind

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A scorching pattern shook across southern Ontario on Friday as severe storms blew through heat and humidity

The heat and humidity spell that greeted the beginning of summer in Ontario came to a halt for meteorologists on Friday as powerful to severe thunderstorms swept the region.

One of the powerful storms has directly targeted Toronto, leaving commuters to dodge a small hail and gusts of strong winds across the city.

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A high-pressure ridge that brought 30-degree temperatures and sweltering humidity began to unravel over the weekend. An advancing cold front provided the lift and trigger needed for thunderstorms to develop in the unstable, closed air over the region.

It’s not just powerful storms that have battered the Greater Toronto Area. Residents of eastern Ontario and parts of southern Quebec also experienced several strong to severe thunderstorms Friday afternoon and evening.

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The beautiful trend will unfold across Ontario as we enter the first weekend of June, with plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures flooding the region.

Check out some of the storms that ripped through parts of southern Ontario on Friday below.

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