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Dr. Ari Eliani: “Teeth is our social destination”

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Dental quality is a real social marker, in France as elsewhere. Beauty, symmetry, whiteness, good health … many aspects that should not be neglected in one’s relationship with others. Today, we no longer come to the dentist reluctantly, we come to experience a lifestyle in itself. One such Parisian company that deals with preserving the smile of characters has been hacked by Forbes and the anonymous people are aware of the dangers around this code.

Beyond aesthetics, where does this symbolism about teeth come from?

Dr.. Ari Alyani : In fact, a smile is a personal signature, and a social sign that can be compared to high-end clothing. It stands for attention to detail and quality. It is a reflection of self-worth and self-esteem, and is a particular form of personal well-being. Besides aesthetics, symbolism comes from the possibility of expressing a healthy lifestyle and self-care. Having beautiful teeth is a way to show that you take care of your health.

The boom in dental tourism in accessible destinations (Albania, Romania, Turkey, Tunisia, etc.) demonstrates the vitality of this market. What do you notice in France? Did you see a new type of customer arrive?

In France, we have seen an increase in patients seeking quality dental care and exceptional service. We have seen an increase in dental tourism from the UAE as well as from Europe and Africa. Like a palace that offers an incomparable experience, at Elone Clinic we offer an environment that exceeds expectations, both in terms of state-of-the-art equipment and comfort for our patients.

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What are the most common requests?

Our patients generally seek to improve the aesthetics of their smile. This can include teeth whitening treatments, dental veneers to improve the shape or color of teeth, or dental implants, which are a permanent solution to missing teeth.

What about the advanced technologies you have developed in terms of teeth whitening and alignment?

In our pursuit of excellence, we have adopted the most advanced technology for teeth whitening and teeth alignment. We use rapid laser whitening technologies that can provide up to nine shades of white with long-lasting results, as well as invisible braces to achieve the best results for our patients. For dental veneers, we can place veneers without prior intervention on the teeth (reduction for example), if conditions permit.

Who cares? Are we all “good candidates”?

Our treatments are aimed at all those who want to improve the aesthetics and health of their smile. Not everyone is the “right candidate” for every treatment, but we strive to provide a range of services that meet diverse needs. Each patient is unique and requires consultation to determine the treatment best suited to their needs.

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On a daily basis, what are the rules that must be observed in order to prolong the benefit from these treatments?

Good oral hygiene is key to maintaining the benefits of these treatments. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist. It is also advised to avoid foods and drinks that can stain the teeth. We have developed Elone’s signature treatment that takes care of your gums and teeth

Will we be able in the medium term (in ten years) to push back the biological limits by preserving our teeth even at a very advanced age and stocking up on dentures?

Advances in the field of dentistry certainly give us hope for the future. With proper and regular dental care, many patients can retain their natural teeth for life. Improved dental restoration materials and techniques also mean that dentures are more comfortable and natural than before. With implants, it is already possible today not to resort to dentures and quickly get new teeth. So yeah, we can expect to see fewer and fewer people needing traditional dentures in the coming years.

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