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Party selection | Dalloyau’s Pastry Art by Olivia Baroldi

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Mother’s Day is approaching and Dalloyau, the famous pastry house, has decided to pay tribute to mothers in an artistic way.

In cooperation with Committed artist Olivia BaroldiDalloyau Reconsiders the opera and the macaroon, two of its famous products, to create unique artistic pastries. With these ephemeral creations, the house wants to offer an unforgettable taste and visual experience, where aesthetics blend with gluttony.

An engraver for over 15 years, Olivia Baroldi He brings his artistic vision through traditional gestures that are transformed into real edible works of art. By collaborating with Dalloyau’s artisans, she creates exceptional pastries that evoke elegance and a mother’s love. The Opera and Macron, revisited with the artist’s meticulous drawings, have become true masterpieces. The artist has already decorated the walls of the new store for Boulogne-Billancourt of colored stucco, as well as the tea room area. With the advent of fine weather, she dismisses her work “La petite fille aux macaroons” with new creations available in limited editions: the opera, the iconic house cake, will be decorated with the artist’s design both in the candy version and in its mini version of the cake. Finally, the square 16 macarons Also available as a Special Edition, featuring the artist’s photoengraving.


Since 1682, Dalloyau has been recognized for its knowledge of the culinary arts. This collaboration with Olivia Baroldi testifies to House’s desire to push the boundaries of creativity. Customers will be able to taste unique creations in a limited edition, where the fusion of art and gastronomy will provide them with a moment of delight and love.

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