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The Idol: Da’Vine Joy Randolph on Making a ‘Leap of Faith’ in HBO Drama The Weeknd

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Da’Vine Joy Randolph has been no stranger to impressive film and television roles in recent years, with her signature appearance in Only murders in the buildingAnd Tuca and BertieAnd Dolemite is my nameAnd vice president, and more. But it was, she says, the project that gave her the chance to work on it idol Hulu’s adaptation of the series HD.

In the short-lived but hugely enjoyable sitcom, Randolph played Cherise, a gender-bending version of the role of Jack Black from the original movie, but with a very own energy. “[Co-creator Sam Levinson] He said he liked my character HDand he felt as if the notes about her could fit in that world and I thought I would be a great person for the role,” Randolph said. a result.

Randolph was hired for the raucous, controversial HBO drama by Levinson after the departure of original director Amy Seimetz, and so “at the time, there was no script or sides, so it was kind of a real leap of faith, but based on the work he’d done.” tranceI knew there wouldn’t be anything to frown upon. I knew it was going to be special. And I’m so glad I took this leap of faith.”


Taking the call from Levinson meant she didn’t have to audition, which might have been exciting for an actor — “or terrifying, if you think about it, right?” Randolph says with a laugh. “Because, at least when you audition, you know to some extent what to expect. When someone offers me a job, I’m actually more skeptical, because I don’t know what to expect of me. I don’t know what to expect from you. As honorable as it is, it is Also kind of daunting at times — because yeah, without a script and without sides and exposition, you’re kind of like, What do we do?”

However, Randolph continues,[Levinson] He spoke from his heart [co-creator/star Abel Tesfaye] And I spoke also, and knew that these two men are master craftsmen of their trades, though Abel is new… I knew there would be something great in him.”

On the series, Randolph plays Destiny, the co-manager of Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp), a flamboyant but troubled pop star dealing with the recent loss of her mother. Figuring out who, exactly, Destiny as a character was something Randolph says “was a real collaborative experience — Sam and I both got to figure it out together as we went along. There were some elements he wanted to make sure she had, but we really figured it out and put it together, which is so amazing because I’ve never had a collaborative experience with a director before.”


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