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Lil Dicky’s Season 3 Dave Guests: ‘It’s a Legendary TV Episode’

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 3 finale of Dave, “Looking for Love.”]

“I’m not going to lie, in every finale we’re like, ‘We have to do something big,’” said Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky a result. and “Looking for Love”, the third season finale of FXX Davenever falls short of that goal – thanks to a sizable runtime and some major guest stars, including an extended appearance from the only actor Brad Pitt, who appears as himself in what becomes a surprisingly dark and tense story about obsession and celebrity.

Rachel McAdams and Drake themselves also appear, and “Looking for Love” opens with Dave (Byrd) shooting a music video with Rachel, building on the amicable bond they’ve developed this season. When Brad pops his head into the scene for a singing cameo, it’s a surprise, especially because his appearance is so short; Then, when Brad asks Dave if he’s needed for anything else, Dave replies no, “I guess it’s kind of better.” no overuses you.” It’s an impressive (and descriptive) misdirection, because when Dave is held hostage by an obsessed admirer (Tenea Intriago) in his home, a badly-timed descent leads to Brad being held hostage, too.


Thematically, “Looking for Love” embodies much of what Season 3 includes Dave This has been explored all along, according to Bord. “There’s the issue of searching for love. There’s also the issue of searching for validation and fame, my status as an artist and all that, and when is that enough?”

The basic idea for the episode, Board continues, came from “Vanessa McGee, one of my main writers, [who] He was always very keen on the idea of ​​a stalker returning to play. It’s such an extreme premise, and I pride myself on being so grounded, that I was like, “We need the right actor that I believe in who can direct this thing.” And boy, did we get it on Tenya [Intriago], which is great as Brad and Drake and Rachel and all that — it’s a force of nature in this thing, and it’s a fine needle for being believable, and scary, and funny. It’s a great storm of everything this episode needs, and I killed it.”

In addition to the hostage angle, Bird wanted to up the stakes – and had heard of a certain fan of the show who could do just that. “We wanted to do this idea of ​​the stalker and me and a dangerous situation, but I was always like, ‘Man, let’s get Brad Pitt involved. ” because [there’s] There is no bigger Brad Pitt fan than I am. This man is an inspiration to me. I’m a huge movie guy – movies are my favorite things, more so than TV shows, and this guy was in my favourites. I’ve seen him in comics and I’ve seen him work with my favorite directors… This guy is my Numero Ono.”


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