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Photovoltaic industry, a profitable opportunity for owners of industrial and commercial buildings

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There is no longer a need to prove the potential of solar energy. As the photovoltaic industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, an interesting trend is emerging. Real estate owners, whether large warehouses or simple commercial buildings, are turning to solar energy, not only to reduce carbon emissions, but also to benefit from their real estate assets.

Solar roofing, a profitable and sustainable operation

Buildings with an area of ​​more than 1,500 square meters are particularly suitable for the installation of photovoltaic panels. These roofs, previously unused, can be turned into real solar power plants. The benefits are multiple. On the other hand, the owners can collect rent from the solar investors for the use of their roofs. On the other hand, building occupants can benefit from carbon-free and often cheaper local energy.

A 30-year lease is usually signed between the landlord and the investor, with the landlord able to receive the rent either annually or in one lump sum at the signing of the lease. This is an opportunity for owners to exploit previously unused spaces to generate passive income.

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More than just rent

In addition to the simple rent, this partnership offers many other benefits. For example, responsibility for roof maintenance is generally transferred to the investor for the term of the lease. This represents a significant savings for the owners.

In addition, there are more specific offers. Some investors offer free installation of parking shades in parking lots with at least 40 spaces, or even free asbestos removal from the roof.

Simplified process

The process of converting a rooftop into a solar power plant may seem complicated, but it has been greatly simplified. Experts are able to assess the feasibility of the project, to estimate the possible amount of rent or possible remote payment.

For a more detailed offer, a feasibility study and sometimes a technical visit is necessary. These services are generally free and allow you to craft a complete, specific and detailed offer, as well as a rental promise.

Solar PV is more than just a way for industry to reduce carbon emissions. This is an opportunity for owners to create a sustainable source of income and enhance their real estate assets.

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