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From Cannes Film Festival to Dubai, L.RAPHAEL exports the science of aesthetics and luxury by formalizing its strategic partnership with MEDCARE

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Between stair climbs and cinematic projections, the characters follow each other aboard the yacht L.RAPHAEL to prepare for their public appearance. All glitter 7y Art is invited aboard the luxury boat as ceremonies and ceremonies of all kinds permeate life on board. margin 76y Cannes Film Festival, founder of the Swiss brand, Ronit Raphael, has exclusively announced the brand’s strategic partnership with the Emirati pioneer in high-end hospitals and medical institutions, MEDCARE, under the auspices of Aster DM Healthcare. The goal: to support strong demand for aesthetic health and integrative medicine in this key market. Forbes looks back on this light.

Besides the Cannes red carpet, another hue was everywhere: orange, the luxury beauty brand’s signature hue. L. Raphael. The Swiss brand is once again residing on the Riviera to groom the beauties of visiting celebrities. The royal welcome took place on board a yacht privatized for the occasion or prepared directly in the suites, and the actors and actresses were able to take advantage of the brand’s exclusive protocols. On their list of beauty treatments are Oxy Star Anti-Pigmentation Treatments, Diamond Oxy Lift, Facial Sculpting and Discover Newness. Golden Cure Caviar. A limited-edition innovation designed to hydrate, lift, brighten, and smooth skin using the finest organic caviar extract rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins A and D.

L.RAPHAEL Caviar Golden Cure © Benny Tash

A treatment designed to pass the ascent test and exposure to the planets. The characters are depicted from every angle, paying as much attention to the freshness of their skin as their designer clothes. It was a party, but also a marathon punctuated by sleepless nights… On board the lively Swiss-flagged yacht L.RAPHAEL, American actor Alejandro Nunes of the hit Netflix series “Who Killed Sarah? And also Chopard’s muse, actress Uma Thurman – was beloved to Forever at the festival since her performance in Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction,” 1994’s Palme d’Or, model Hovet Gollan, influencer Victoria Bonya, and journalist-presenter Dorothy Marrow… delighted with their charming layover, forgetting the rain of the first few days.

American businessman Alvaro Nunes, Ronette Rafael and actor Alejandro Nunes © Lionel Urman

Distinguished guests were able to catch a fashion show by designer William Arlotti, which paid tribute to the 54-year-old’s studio exuberance. The latest generation can also discover what discotheque has brought to pop culture in a Netflix series called “Halston” dedicated to it. Ronette Raphael, founder of the L.RAPHAEL brand, gave carte blanche to designer William Arlotti to spread the Studio 54 spirit onto the boat during a glitter parade as electric blue, shimmery pink, and metallic gray heated models in silhouettes populated by figures of characters. Famous Manhattan address.

Fashion show by designer William Arlotti © Lionel Orman

After this fashion break, the host gathered a delighted crowd to formalize its launch in Dubai in the fall of 2023, in partnership with MEDCARE, a leading hospital company in the emirate, under the auspices of Aster DM Healthcare. With its extensive network of four hospitals and more than twenty medical centers spread across the diverse communities of Dubai and Sharjah, MEDCARE is a benchmark of medical excellence. The company welcomes all specialties everywhere it was established in order to offer an optimal path of care. Secretly, the Emirati group started discussions a year ago with the Swiss brand L.RAPHAEL with the aim of launching a new pillar dedicated to aesthetics and luxury.

This is the first time that we are promoting all our 7 foundations of beauty in one place, thanks to the knowledge of hundreds of doctors and the modern infrastructure that Medcare provides. Our skin care technologies and holistic approach will be applied alongside dermatology, cosmetology, plastic surgery and health and leisure management. In addition, the new Wellth Center offers many possibilities: anti-aging treatments, Ayurvedic and Ayurvedic medicine, infrared treatments and more using the latest equipment. Details of businesswoman Ronit Rafael.

Medcare © L.RAPHAEL

By combining their expertise, notoriety and international prestige, the partners are consolidating their leadership in the exponential world of medical spas and aesthetic clinics, the market for which is enormous.

From Dubai, Alisha Moopen, Managing Director of MEDCARE and Aster DM Healthcare, shared her excitement about embarking on the adventure: “ By joining forces with L.RAPHAEL, we will reach new heights in the cosmetic sector thanks to the support of this visionary partner. “.

After Geneva, Cannes or Hollywood, “A Clockwork Orange” is also on its way to being honored in this sunny new region, and today it is among the most popular.

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