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Amy Connolly talks French wedding plans

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Weddings and stress for many people go hand in hand, but when it comes to makeup artist Amy Connolly and her fiancé, John Grenier, they couldn’t relax more if they tried.

Amy and her significant other got engaged after popping the question with a romantic proposal on the “paradise” Holbox Island in Cancun, Mexico during their “dream” vacation.

Their wedding is in November and will take place in France, so you can imagine that the fact that the couple aren’t in the same country to review preparations could make hearts flutter. But not these two.

Even though the couple has a wedding planner, says Amy, you still get to choose what you want. However, from her cool and calm demeanor, she knows she’s in the bag.

Photo: Amy Connolly/Instagram

When Amy was asked if she ever turned into Bridezilla, she told EVOKE, “Actually, I love little ones, probably to motivate me to make plans.” I feel like we’re both cool…but there’s a lot to expect.

And while she may have a wedding planner to lend her a hand, we feel like chores aren’t evenly distributed.

When asked what jobs he had, he laughed, “John is very organized. So he does some shopping.

According to Amy, “He does things like commute and things that he kind of threw his hat at, but there are so many jobs he doesn’t do.”

Amy Connolly at the VIP Style Awards. Photo: Brian McEvoy

But at the end of the day, Amy has the right frame of mind when it comes to the big day and is just relaxing and enjoying it all.

“At the end of the day, once everyone is there and you’re having a good time, the little things don’t really matter. Because you can distract yourself with things that don’t really matter. So we’re looking forward to that.”

However, as the day draws nearer, we wonder if it will ever be as calm as it is now.

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