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Maison Kanso, a passion for real estate and a sense of tailored service

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Combining a passion for real estate with a keen sense of service for reliable support: this is the philosophy of Maison Kanso.

Nizar Qanso Ghosseini is a generous and empathetic man

When he left Beirut to study law in Paris, Nizar, then eighteen, fell in love with the capital. At the end of his studies, he worked for 12 years in the field of law and consultancy, thus developing an innate sense of rigor. Passionate about real estate, he purchased and renovated several properties in Paris at the same time, which allowed him, within ten years, to build up an in-depth knowledge of the field.

When the time comes to fully devote himself to his passion, Nazar takes the time to deepen his theoretical and practical knowledge. Before starting his family business, Maison Ganso, Nizar studied the market, analyzed the methods of Parisian real estate agencies, explored the needs of owners and buyers, and deepened his legal and administrative knowledge in order to provide a service to his clients commensurate with his ambitions. .

Not wanting to become just another real estate agency, the founder of Maison Kanso has chosen a focus linked to his origins and values: tailor-made service. Motivated by a sense of mutual aid and service, deeply rooted in Lebanese culture, Nizar made her his hobby horse, which has now become Maison Kanso’s trademark. French elegance and a sense of Lebanese service are within reach of its exclusive clientele.

“All properties are exceptional property”

A property will always be exceptional in the eyes of its owner. Whatever its size or price, Maison Kanso will always work with the same level of requirements, with more emphasis on quality of service rather than quantity of commissions. Driven by passion and sharing the same values ​​as its founder, the agents who contribute to the development of Maison Kanso follow a simple and unequivocal directive: to provide support of the highest level to all their customers and go above and beyond to satisfy them.

Maison Kanso’s tailored service is reflected in the advice, availability and transparency offered by Nizar and his team. They treat every application, every negotiation, and every restoration project as if it were their own. It is from this firm and clearly defined desire that a relationship of trust is born between Maison Kanso and its clients, investors and individuals in France and abroad.

Complete and customized offer

In the center of Paris, Maison Kanso offers its clients three additional services: property search, sales, and renovation.

Acting only on an exclusive mandate, Maison Canso presents the rules of the game from the very beginning: properties for sale are evaluated by two specialists as accurately as possible, and the criteria for searching for buyers, analyzed and identified in the first stages, are meticulously respected.

When Maison Kanso agents search for a property for a client, they meticulously check each document (General Meeting Minutes, Diagnoses, Shared Ownership Regulations, Fees, etc.). From the visit to the negotiation of the price and to the signing of the original deed at the notary, Maison Kanso accompanies its clients by informing, informing and reassuring them at every stage.

Property owners benefit from the deep knowledge of the market that Maison Canso agents have, allowing them to maximize sales opportunities.

Surrounded by a network of housing professionals, including interior designers and contractors, Maison Kanso plays the role of leader in renovation projects for its clients.

This role will, during the summer of 2023, take the form of a meeting place combining real estate and bespoke interior design in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.
To be closely monitored…

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