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Lana Del Rey performs first headlining set in four years: video + tracklist

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Lana Del Rey gave her first performance since 2019 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s MITA Festival on Saturday, May 27, and the group premiered new songs from the month of March. Did you know that there is a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard Plus a handful of live debuts and remastered tracks spanning their entire catalog.

The grieving muse began with an onscreen message wishing “God bless you, Brazil” in Portuguese before venturing out to “A&W” of her latest release. Initially decked out in a black gown and blonde wig, Del Rey changed on stage into a natural brunette and floral dress without missing a beat during the third song, Norman Fucking Rockwell!“waiter”. Ha Did you know Her debuts included “The Grants”, “Candy Necklace” and the title track, while she also provided opening act on “Flipside” from 2014. violence.

Later, the Grammy-nominated singer watched a montage of her old music videos with the audience to the tune of 2012’s “Ride” and enlisted her fans to help find her vape device — which he eventually discarded with an impressively “fuck it.” See fan captured footage of the performance below.


Lana Del Rey still has several festivals coming up in 2023, including Lollapalooza, Canada’s Festival D’été de Québec, San Francisco’s Outside Lands, and Maryland’s All Things Go. Check tickets and deals for all of their upcoming live shows.

Not included on Lana Del Rey’s return to the stage was her most recent release, “Say Yes to Heaven,” which she recorded in early 2010 and shared officially after it was leaked in 2016. The track listing for “Snow on the Beach” was also omitted, ” Taylor Swift’s just-extended collaboration song on the new deluxe edition of midnight.

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List of Lana Del Rey:
A&W (live debut)
Young and beautiful
The Grants (live debut)
Flipside (live debut)
Beautiful when you cry
born to die
Blue jeans
Norman Fucking Rockwell
White Mustang
Candy Necklace (Live Appearance)
Venice the Bitch (contains elements from “Taco Truck x VB”)
Mountain Dew Diet
summertime sadness
Did you know there is a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard (live appearance)
video games

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