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Wazacom, the expert digital communications agency

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A global and digital communications agency, Wazacom helps companies enhance their visibility and develop their brand through concrete actions and fully personalized support throughout the project, all through a multidisciplinary approach.

A strong and positive brand image can help a company stand out from the competition, attract new customers, and retain existing customers. With the advent of digital media and the increased use of the Internet and social networking, structures of all sizes rely heavily on their image in order to enhance their reputations. However, developing your notoriety cannot be impromptu and it is sometimes difficult to find the right partner to accompany you in the process. Founded in 2008, communications agency Wazacom masters both traditional and digital media, offering local support to each of its clients.

Strategy, marketing, video production, graphic design, advertising or even website development and digital communications, Wazacom is involved in many projects and provides services in several areas of activity. “The most important thing is that we have been able to evolve with the times by hiring the talent that has enabled us to support the digital boom, while staying true to our soul as advertisers.” Stéphane Gaiffe, director of the agency, abounds. “This allowed us to multiply our skills, particularly in creating websites and being able to manage all our tasks in-house”.

At the service of brands to make them grow and thrive

Wazacom agency consists of a team of business experts who support its clients in defining their offer and their image, in order to improve it and adopt the best possible communication strategy. All actions developed are designed to enhance the commitment that the brand evokes, to improve its perception and to contribute to the overall development of the activity. “We champion the literal side of our profession,” Stéphane Gaiffe adds. “We don’t want to become a factory because we are convinced that customization is the best way to develop in a qualitative way.” As such, Wazacom has received 13 telecom awards since 2017, including two first prizes, and a Special Jury Award, evidence of a certain credibility in the current market.

Wazacom has turned firmly towards the future and now wants to continue its development while maintaining the quality of service for which it is famous today. The agency continues to develop particularly in the agro-food sector and aims to attract large national groups.

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