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Song of the Week: Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” will have us dancing all summer long

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Song of the Week delves into the new songs we just can’t get out of our heads. Find these tracks and more in our Spotify Top Songs playlist, and for our favorite new songs from emerging artists, check out our Spotify New Sounds playlist. This week, Dua Lipa managed to get us all even more excited for the upcoming event Barbie A movie with summer, sparkling “Dance the Night”.

It’s finally here guys, the legitimate contender for song of the summer. Dua Lipa, who is set to appear in the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie Re-cultural film Barbie, got into the studio and worked, bringing together the perfect mix of pop and disco with “Dance the Night.” This shimmering sonic space is where the pop star shines brightest: similarly structured tracks on Lipa Nostalgia for the future She made her way into playlists and our hearts again in 2020, and this latest drop shows that that special brilliance isn’t fading anytime soon.

The song begins with dramatic chords before dropping to a beat that requires nothing but choreography; Fortunately, a fun and elegant routine during the chorus is presented in the accompanying music video, interspersed with clips from a dance number promised in the movie. “Dance the Night” is the first look at Gerwig’s star-studded soundtrack Barbiewhich also features tracks from Charli XCX, Lizzo, HAIM, Ken, and Ryan Gosling himself. (City of Stars brought him back for this and that alone!)


While plot details for Barbie Remains relatively slim We know Greta Gerwig has a strong voice as a writer and a clear perspective as a director A recent interview with Vogue offered a glimpse into the headspace she was in when writing the script about the iconic Mattel doll: Gerwig points to Genesis creation story, feminist theory, grappling with death. She’s not here to play, and neither was Dua Lipa when she was working on this track. Additionally, the disco-themed pink music video features cameos from Gerwig herself.

There is much joy to be found in childhood and growing up, and though sunshine and rainbows aren’t always everything (as Margot Robbie’s Barbie seems to realize in the movie), femininity and friendship are always worth celebrating. So for this Barbie? I’ll keep repeating “Dance the Night” until I can hit the theater on July 21st to experience the movie in its entirety.

— Mary Sirocci
Associate Editor

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