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Cliffdiver Bassist is nearly killed by a Flying Chain from a semi truck on the way to the Vegas Gig

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Tyler Rogers, bass player for the Oklahoma emo-punk revue Cliffdiver, was nearly killed after being struck by a flying metal chain that may have clipped a semi-truck as he was driving to a concert associated with the punk rock bowling festival this weekend in Las Vegas.

According to a post on the band’s Facebook page from guitarist Matt Ehler, Rogers fell unconscious, and drummer Elliott Cooper had to act quickly, moving the guitarist from the driver’s seat. Cooper manages to bring the truck to safety, but Rogers is seriously injured. Paramedics came and took Rogers to a nearby hospital.

As for injuries, Ehler wrote:[Rogers’] His carotid artery was punctured, his jugular was torn, he had fractures in his neck, lost nearly 2 liters of blood and needed emergency surgery.” Fortunately, Rogers survived and is recovering. The band launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay the bills and medical expenses, and has even raised Now over $50,000.


The injuries were horrific, Ehler explained: “Please note that I will be mentioning blood and other content that may be sensitive to some. I will also be attaching some photos that may be considered horrific or visceral, but we will ignore the worst photos we have because we think it is not appropriate to share them.”

Cliffdiver doesn’t know how long Tyler will be in the hospital and what his recovery will look like, but he vows to support him and his family moving forward. “We know he won’t be back in business for some time, and given the number of expenses that were incurred from these events as well as lost business for the foreseeable future, we’re asking for any donations to help make this happen,” Ehler added. “We hope to have enough to cover all medical expenses incurred, lost income, rehabilitation, repairs and damages and whatever else it takes to ensure a full recovery for Tyler, his family and the band.”

The band also thanked fans for their support and asked them not to contact Tyler, his family, or the band members directly at the moment, “because it’s all a little difficult and we’re trying to focus on healing and getting Tyler home.”


Cliffdiver is signed to SideOneDummy Records, and has released her latest album, Exercising your demonsin the year 2022.

Those who have questions about the incident or who would like to leave encouraging comments are encouraged to reach out via Cliffdiver’s social media accounts or contact the band via their official website. Donations can be made through GoFundMe.

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