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Water from Your Eyes new album smashes everyone’s smashed track by track: exclusive

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Track by Track is our recurring feature series in which artists guide readers through every song on their latest release. Today, May 2023’s CoSign label Water from Your Eyes gives us an insight into their debut on Matado Records, Everyone is devastated.

New York City-based indie duo Water from Your Eyes (a resultMay CoSign!) release their latest album, which is the perfect album Everyone is devastated. A register defined by perfectly constructed contrasts, Everyone is devastated Finds Nate Amos and Rachel Brown at their best.

The album’s nine songs are the product of Amos and Brown working more closely together than ever before, and the result is remarkable. From her unmistakable pop sensibility to her wild creative experimentation, each song is bursting with exciting ideas, subtle humor, and sheer personality.


“Some old albums, a bunch of songs, lyrics, all that, were done by the time we got together to work on it,” said Amos. a result in our CoSign profile. “Whereas this time, I’d finish playing the instruments and maybe have like a single or just an idea of ​​what the lyrics could be, and then Rachel would take over from there.”

Across Amos’s static compositions, Brown offers abstract meditations that are sometimes deadpan and at other times, starkly beautiful. They offer a unique perspective, one that ignores both pessimism and outright optimism.

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“I really believe there are no happy endings, there are just things that happen,” Brown explains. “I was at my parents’ house watching the cable car and there was a commercial. I texted Nate that I wanted to write a song called ‘Buy My Product’, and he texted me saying he found an unused machine from months and months before. This proves that there can be moments A happy juxtaposition between the moments after you are born and before you die, which is probably the most you could wish for and what I plan to spend the rest of my life looking for.”


Listen to water from your eyes Everyone is devastated Below, followed by Amos and Brown’s path through the breakdown of the record.

Water from Your Eyes are currently touring across the UK, Europe and North America in support of Everyone is devastated. Get your tickets here.

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