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Photoshop gets an AI image generator as concerns about fake images grow

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Adobe announced Tuesday morning that it has integrated an artificial intelligence tool into Photoshop that can create images from text, making it the latest software maker to dabble in artificial intelligence.


  • Generative Fill with Firefly — a new AI tool built into Photoshop’s desktop app — will work similarly to other AI image software like DALL-E, allowing users to “add, expand, or remove content” from images using text prompts.
  • For the sake of transparency, images created with Adobe’s new AI technology will have a label in their content references to indicate that the image has been modified using AI.
  • In addition to categorizing images as AI-generated, Adobe Firefly only trains on licensed high-resolution content to which you own the rights, to ensure that the software does not create content “based on the work, trademarks, or intellectual property of others,” according to a press release.
  • The generative packaging tool still has limitations and is in beta testing; It’s not available for commercial use, to people under 18, or in China, and only works with English text prompts, though Adobe has estimated that it will be fully upgraded. Available to the public in the “second half of 2023,” The Verge reported.

main context

Adobe is the latest technology company to integrate AI tools into its portfolio, along with Google and Microsoft, both of which plan to integrate AI into search engines and provide chatbot-like services. Adobe began testing Firefly in March, but the company says it has been experimenting with AI-powered editing tools for years. The rise of AI technology has some worried as experts warn of its potential to replace human workers, and a recent report showed it could affect up to 80% of the American workforce. Earlier this year, tech giant IBM said it would stop hiring for non-customer jobs that could be performed by AI, which would result in about 7,800 job losses. There are concerns that AI photo-editing technology could bypass human capabilities to detect fake photos, which could increase distrust in society. Recently, AI-generated images have gone viral, from Pope Francis wearing a Balenciaga coat to footage of former President Donald Trump resisting authorities during a bogus arrest. In response to concerns that Adobe’s tool will allow more people to create fake images, an Adobe executive told Axios, “We’re already in that world” and people who want to harm Deepfake »Know it.


Adobe’s announcement comes a day after an image apparently generated by artificial intelligence emerged of an explosion outside the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, suggesting an attack on the Pentagon. A Department of Defense spokesperson confirmed to Forbes that the image, which has dominated searches on Google and Twitter, is fake, as government authorities continue to warn of the dangers of misinformation generated by ‘IA’.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Molly Bohannon

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