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Troja Holding, Unity is Strength

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Present in many European markets, Troja Holding is a group made up of different companies fully integrated and aims to make a global offer in different sectors such as construction, renovation, real estate development or supply of building materials.

The adventure of Troja Holding took root in 2010 when Berbarim Nichori and his wife from Kosovo, Luvaj Nichori, who were looking for real estate projects, decided to pay attention to the construction sector. Thus SAS Pino was born, a company that carries out various activities related to construction and renovation. Since then, several companies have been set up and since 2017 have been grouped under the auspices of Troja Holding. After executing hundreds of renovation projects and real estate investment projects, we have consulted clients regarding new construction projects. This is where we had the idea to create Maisons Grand Confort, a company specializing in the design and construction of new homes and buildings. Birbarim Nehsori says. “Like all builders, we produced a 3D rendering to present the project as closely as possible and to make it easier for customers to choose. However, we realized that the 3D image and the project were not always identical because the supply of materials was not made by our companies. This is where we had the idea to create Confort Mat It is a material trading company.. Therefore, with the desire to provide maximum resources for each project, Troja Holding has been able to develop in order to study and design projects with a global and thoughtful vision.

I developed the concept to the entire national territory

Thus, all subsidiaries that make up Troja Holding support their customers at all stages of project development and production, all with now recognized experience and knowledge. In order to facilitate the coordination of different companies, it is newly grouped together in the same place with an 800 square meter showroom where customers can choose from a variety of items sold by Confort Mat and 400 square meter office space for management. and legal and financial affairs in order to support clients at all stages of their project.

Troja Holding now plans to replicate this concept in several major cities in France in order to achieve more proximity but also to facilitate management by offering controlled deadlines and prices. “We believe this business combination will simplify the construction and renovation process, while providing a more convenient and efficient service to our customers.” Adds Birbarim Nichory.

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