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France has passed the milestone of 100,000 electric vehicle charging stations

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France has (finally) reached the national target of 100,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles, as the country seeks to accelerate the development of a sector seen as essential in the fight against climate change.

AVRE, the European association for electric road vehicles, recently announced that France has surpassed this milestone and now lags behind the Netherlands in terms of the number of charging stations. according to the worldThe French government has set itself a new goal of installing 400,000 charging stations by 2030.

The target of 100,000 stations has been reached while the pace of deployment continues to accelerate. Prior to 2020, France had an average of fewer than 5,000 new public charging stations per year. Today, the country’s population is 4,000 per month, according to AVRE. These figures do not take into account the private charging stations, which number more than a million, according to the director of the Enedis Electricity Distribution Network.

The belated achievement of this first goal shows the complexity of achieving the goals of the energy transition. In October 2020, the Minister of Transport announced, Jean-Baptiste Djebarihas set a target of 100,000 charging stations by the end of 2021. However, in March 2022, France had only 57,732 stations.

It has proven difficult to get major highway operators to act with urgency. In response, these companies said that they are not sure that there is enough competition in the industry when it comes to companies that build and maintain charging stations.

At the same time, local authorities have been slow to allocate space for the installation of these stations. However, the desire to create this infrastructure has encouraged venture capitalists to pour money into French start-ups that are deploying networks of charging stations.

For example, the Yespark startup was raised 28 million euros To build 30,000 charging stations by 2025. The French startup Bump recently announced its funding $180 million In partnership with DIF Capital Partners to deploy a network of charging stations in partnership with different commercial spaces.

Start-up ZePlug, which places charging stations in office buildings and multifunctional buildings, announced that it had raised 5 million euros. And raised NW Groupe, which provides a range of services related to renewable energies, including charging stations 300 million euros in July 2022.

Explains “we know how to organize the publishing process” exhibition Tybalt Charlie, co-founder of Yesspark. The startup has worked on many levels, whether as a parking lot, service electricians or even Enedis network manager and electricity suppliers.

Across Europe, the charging station construction market is in good shape. According to a research company, this market will be valued in Europe 61.73 billion dollars By 2029. Besides France and the Netherlands, the other five major European markets are Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Charging infrastructure is also necessary for countries to comply with a new EU rule banning the sale of petrol cars from 2035.

At the moment, most of these charging stations belong to the category of low-cost charging stations. According to Lavery, 86% of French stations with a power of 22 kW or less. Consumers tend to prefer this level of service because shipping costs are much lower, according to AVERE.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Chris O’Brien

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