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Maynard James Keenan of Tool insists drag costume ‘has nothing to do with Florida’

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Singer Maynard James Keenan has made headlines, including here at a result, to wear at Tool’s headlining performance at Welcome to Rockville on Sunday in Daytona Beach, Florida. Even though the show is coming just days after Governor Ron DeSantis signed an anti-draw bill into law, the rock frontman insists his outfit “has nothing to do with Florida.”

As reported, Keenan wore a blonde wig, exaggerated red lipstick, and prosthetic breasts during the festival party. And while this wasn’t the first time the Tool singer has dressed in drag gear on stage, the timing seems to point to a challenge to a new Florida law restricting minors from attending drag shows (Welcome to Rockville is an all-ages event).

All that said, Keenan told The Messenger in an interview after the show, “I’ve been cross-dressing for a long time before those nappy-addicted dupes ran out… It’s so crazy with technology and prosthetics nowadays, how did they do that come on, And I was just thinking of looking back.”


He continued, “And that’s really all there is to it. I’m not a political guy—I have nothing to do with Florida.”

While he may not have been making a political statement with his clothes, Keenan did condemn the new law, saying, “I think restricting people’s access to anything is absurd. Good parenting allows you to teach your kids how to be logical, to work things out and to decide for themselves what Which they want to see or they don’t want to see.

And if he did indeed break the law, Keenan has yet to hear from the authorities. He said, “Nobody applies it.” “They just do it and throw it out there to shore up their base in an election year.”


When asked if he thought of himself as a member of the drag community, Keenan replied, “I do think so, yeah. Sometimes, I’m a drag queen. I have He was drag queen. I’m casual, so hardcore people will dismiss me as a tourist.”

As for a look at Welcome to Rockville, the rock legend quipped, “Let’s be honest, I’m 59. So [Sunday] The performance of the night looked more like [Game of Thrones‘] Brienne of Tarth on her worst day.

Keenan concluded, “People who want to express themselves in any fucking way want to express themselves, as long as they don’t directly physically harm someone? Yeah, go for it. I’m all for you. If there are any takeaways, be yourself.” Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”


be seen Serious consequencesTool’s exclusive group photo gallery at Welcome to Roccvkille is below, and get tickets for the band’s upcoming festival appearance here.

Photo Gallery – Gadget at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach, Florida (click to expand and scroll through):


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