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Leadership: The Five Essential Questions You Must Ask Yourself

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Imagine that you are a leader full of energy and enthusiasm. Your values ​​are clear and you lead by principles ensuring that your integrity is never compromised. Your team represents a unifying force, inspiring to achieve a shared vision for the future. Does this description match the way you test drive, or does it sound too good to be true?

Our world often revolves around fierce competition and financial profits. No wonder so many people lose sight of what really matters, which is to lead with determination and personality. You can find new energy and momentum for your business by redefining your leadership. You can start on a path of leadership that matters by asking yourself five essential questions.

The first question: What is your personal goal?

The purpose of your personal life is essential to your leadership. Why ? Because this goal is the foundation of your personality. And personality is important. More than just skills or a formal position of authority, your purpose and personality define your leadership. Your goal is unique to you. Perhaps it is about using your talents to help others thrive. It can also mean offering support to vulnerable people. Your goal may be to apply your creativity to finding solutions to complex problems.

Your focus can be on anything that resonates with you. It is unlikely to remain the same over time. You will evolve as you grow. Although your purpose is not the only thing on your mind, it is central to your identity and purpose.

Ask yourself what kind of person you want to become. How do you want others to see you?

Nick Craig and Scott Snook address the issue of ending in their article titled From purpose to effect (from goal to effect). They say, “It’s not what you think you should be. It’s what you can only be.”

Question 2: What is your leadership story?

Everyone has a story to tell. Your story will center around you and inspire others. To develop your leadership story, look at where you came from and how you got to where you are today. Remember why you wanted to be a leader in the first place. Think about how these events shaped your personality.

Can you describe in detail the decision points you faced and the struggles you had to resolve in order to become the leader you are today?

Your story will be an inspiration. Your leadership should energize and serve as a focal point for imagining the leader you want to become.

Question 3: What is your leadership goal?

Once you have clarified your personal purpose and have a story that inspires you, the next step is to define your leadership objective. The best way to start defining your leadership goal is to think about your life story that got you to where you are today. What are the implications for your current leadership and why is this important? Think about what you are most proud of in your leadership experiences. Determine what has sparked your most interest in driving over the years. These reflections will highlight your leadership purpose.

You may strive to change the world or focus on community and family. You may also find your purpose in helping others grow and develop in the workplace. Perhaps you will be committed to embracing learning and change and helping others to do the same.

Your leadership objective should include what is unique, exciting, and essential to you.

Question 4: What are your values?

Once you have found an inspiring leadership goal, the next step is to identify the values ​​that support you. Values ​​are internal beliefs or standards that you consider necessary or beneficial to your work and life. They represent what is most important to you. Values ​​are at the core of your leadership. They make it easy to follow your target. Values ​​help you distinguish between true and false. They guide your daily decisions.

You are likely to feel fulfilled and fulfilled if you lead in accordance with what is most important to you. On the other hand, if your leadership is not aligned with your values, you are likely to feel imbalanced. You probably have a long list of values. Choose three or four that are most important to you. Make these values ​​your inner guide.

Declaring what matters most to you allows you to live and lead with intention.

Fifth question: What are your principles?

While values ​​are internal beliefs, principles are the external rules that you create to translate those values ​​into daily behaviors. Your principles guide what you will and will not do. For example, if honesty is one of your highest values, you might adopt the code of always telling the truth as you see it. You can also promise to never withhold information to protect your power.

The principles you develop to live your values ​​are unique to you. When you lead on purpose, guided by your principles, others will see that your values ​​are not just empty words. They are more likely to trust you. Leadership with meaning is more than just achieving goals and achieving results. It is about clarifying your purpose as a leader. It requires developing a deep understanding of your values ​​and a commitment to align your actions with them.

By addressing the five essential questions, you’re preparing for the leadership that matters.

However, remember that leadership with meaning is not a one-time effort, but an ongoing journey that requires constant thinking and conditioning. As you move forward on this path, you will have renewed enthusiasm for your leadership and increased confidence to make a difference.

Live more and lead better with purpose, values ​​and principles.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Cathy Miller Perkins

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