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Video games assert their place in world culture

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What if video games were nothing but the tenth art? The rich gaming world influences and inspires the cultural arts. It is also a great opportunity for brands to become part of the culture.

Everyone has already heard the story of Lara Croft, the heroine of the video game saga Tomb Raider, whose first movie was released on the big screen in 2001. However, if there were video game adaptations inspired by movies, successful movie adaptations were much rarer. At least for now.

In recent years, it seems that audiovisual adaptations have been a huge hit with the public and the synergy between the two worlds has not worked as well as it does today.

The Witcher, Arcane, Cyberpunk, The Last of Us … Outside the cinema, many video game adaptations appear in the catalogs of the largest streaming services, to the delight of fans.

When the world of video games inspires the small (and big) screen

The film industry began to draw inspiration from video games in the 1990s: the first movie released in cinemas was the Super Mario Bros. in 1993. And the adventures of the Plumbers brothers are far from eternal 30 years ago, the animated film Super Mario is coming out in theaters. Cinema has honored other successful games such as Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil or even Prince of Persia. It continues to exploit the potential of video games: titles like Borderlands or Gran Turismo are planned for 2023.

The broadcasting industry has started to look at the interest and impact that video games can have recently. And so the latter has consolidated the small screen through series such as The Witcher in 2019, Arcane in 2021 and The Last of Us in 2023. And this is only the beginning. The largest streaming platforms have announced several series projects based on video games, including the Horizon saga, God of War, and even Crash Bandicoot.

Synergy between the two industries exists and is beneficial to both sides. As evidence of this, the game-based The Last of Us series developed by Naughty Dog and shown by HBO, has brought a new reading for game fans. PS4, while the first part remaster occupies the 28th place. The first part of the remaster, it got the 11th place for game sales on PS5.

Video games have established themselves as real entertainment, a source of social connection and escape, regardless of gender and generation. The proof is this: nearly 3 quarters of French people play video games at least occasionally (70%).[1]

Video games, a home for creators powered by technology

Technology has played a major role in enriching the gaming world, especially through the improvement of graphics. Today, it is possible to deliver high-quality next-generation games and provide new possibilities for the new generation of gamers, especially during competitions.

Games like Fortnite, League of Legends or Among Us attract thanks to their constant innovation, through regular card renewals and new challenges or even through “narrative seasons” and events. For its part, Twitch allows gaming to remain popular with the general public, thanks to the many streamers and competitors, who are bringing their communities together every day.

The success of video games also depends on their wealth. The character development is successful, and the stories are solid. Imagined by talented screenwriters, they push the audience into real adventures, sometimes with deep and engaging themes. Such is the case in the Horizon saga, where we find Alloy, an outcast who becomes the hero of several tribes fighting against machines to restore the balance of their world. Some games go further in the narrative and present a scenario that is influenced by the player’s choices, leading to a different ending. Other games give free rein to players’ imaginations such as GTAV or Minecraft online games. Many streamers find their community lives to build their own world. These games leave an unlimited scope of creative possibilities for the brands.

Huge branding opportunities

If the world of the video game industry represents opportunities for the audiovisual industry, it also represents great opportunities for brands. Twitch, the home of pop culture, humor, authenticity, and realism in its DNA is gaming, with more than 31 million people connected every day and 7 million live streams every month.

Brands can create new creative opportunities: On Twitch, it’s possible to combine beauty streaming with world-building in Minecraft: Last February, YSL partnered with Maghla who led the Twitch community on a live interactive quest to find a bottle of YSL Black Opium le Parfum in the gaming world. This type of campaign helps achieve high returns on investment: Ponce broadcasts live from Place Georges Pompidou, in the game’s famous question mark blocks, installed especially for the occasion by Universal Pictures International France and the branding partnership studio Twitch. Within three weeks, Super Mario Bros. had become #1 at the French box office.

Live broadcasts provide some spontaneity, even charm. The interactivity and ability of broadcasters to speak directly to their audience on Twitch is unique. If one chooses their adventure and actively participates in a mission in video games; On Twitch, we are the representatives of our own entertainment.

The video game industry is not about to stop there, which is why brands that connect themselves to the gaming world have everything to gain; But it is still necessary to learn how to express oneself well towards this audience. Adapting speech and using community icons is essential to participating in the culture on Twitch. For this, it is necessary to listen to the operator and its community and, above all, to share their values.

[1] Annual Study “French and Video Games”, 2022, SELL (Entertainment Software Publishers Association)

Tribune By Melissa Simoni, Director of Sales for France and Benelux at Twitch

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