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The penultimate episode of Succession, “Church and State,” captures the chaos of grief

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Succession, Season 4 Episode 9, “Church and State.”]

It’s finally the day of Logan Roy’s funeral (a more than appropriate focus of the penultimate episode of Succession), a solemn occasion surrounded by the chaos that ignited his name. Did Logan want to see America on the verge of implosion, after a sure and controversial election night? Roman sure thinks so – and it’s hard to deny that Logan certainly wouldn’t hate the ratings.

This is a show that likes to pull the rug well, or in other words – a drag. So when the opening minutes of “Church and State” show Roman working his way through the eulogy setting, there’s clearly a reversal coming, but the form it takes doesn’t come until after everyone has arrived at the church where Logan’s services will be held – not such an easy proposition, as he went down The “people” literally took to the streets to protest the election results. (Shiv tries to get Mattson to release issues with his India numbers under a smokescreen of electoral confusion; he seems unconvinced that will be enough.


For the record, if you freeze frame on a The New York Times The article Tom reads, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the art department of the show has put some real effort into making it feel authentic. There is no dummy lorem ipsum text here; Instead, there’s some real insight into how audiences at large might view these characters, whose own personal cycles dominate the show’s narrative. tea times Propaganda about Kendall, for example, refers to him as a whistleblower and may tarnish his reputation for doing so due to his continued involvement with Waystar, and the paper sources well, accurately identifying Roman as the key voice behind calling the Mencken election. .

(He also refers to Darwin Perry as a “loser maid,” which may be overly editorial, but who knows who runs times in this universe? The point is, while you’re reading this, HBO has already figured out a way to share the full scope of ” times coverage “with Succession fans online.)

Everyone has their problems that morning, between traffic, and timesA horrified Rafa decides to take her and Kendall’s children out of town due to the increasing violence, a move that inspires an enraged Kendall to announce his desire for full custody of the children. At least Jess, Kendall’s poor assistant, will be able to escape soon… if she can keep her meeting with Kendall in the books.



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