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Agora, a promising NFT startup, is led by two young entrepreneurs

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Two young entrepreneurs, Enzo (smart and creative) and his sister Chiara (possessed and cool), passionate about futuristic art, new technologies, innovation and social networks, create their startup Agora in 2022.

Their goal: to market works inspired by Greek mythology, in the form of NFT (non-fungible token) via the Ethereum blockchain, based on the 12 Hercules Factors.

After harvesting approx 500,000 euros On their first private sale, they did a job Fundraising 900,000 eurosfor a new project (titled Agora), which is an e-learning platform and have teamed up with famous French artist Richard Orlinski for a second collection of NFTs.

But you will tell me what is NFT?

Enzo Yee and Chiara Yee – © Agora

The abbreviation for non-fungible symbol means: a non-fungible symbol that cannot be replaced by another. Each NFT, which is a virtual, digital object and cryptography (image, audio, video file, etc.), has a unique, non-repeatable identification code. If you lose your certificate, you have no way to replace it. The advantage is that there can be no falsification. It is the Ethereum blockchain that hosts the majority of NFTs.

Project 12 Labors of Hercules

With Richard – Agora©

For Enzo and Chiara, the idea arose during the post-lockdown period. Both, drawn by the culture of ancient Greece and in particular Enzo, a fan of Greek mythology (and the boar, his mythical animal) drew on the story of the 12 Labors of Hercules to create the first unique set of NFTs. This was based on the depiction of 12 deities and a series of random, three-dimensional, algorithmically modeled animals that occurred in the Labors of Heracles.
They contacted a great French designer and fashion designer, known for his groundbreaking luxury collections, pioneering fashion technology and passionate about innovation, Olivier LapidusTo wear their gods and then pigs. The gods they sold out in a few minutes on March 23rd, raising half a million dollars.

New collection of NFTs with Richard Orlinksi

Agoracles – © Agora

Following this sale, it was made on the Opensea platform (https://opensea.io/) dedicated to NFTs, where all transactions are performed in Ethereum (technology comprising digital money, global payments and applications), they decided to make a sequel by partnering with Richard Orlinski, to develop a second set of NFT’ Agoracles designed in part by artist, and in part by the Agora team.
At the same time, they created a new e-learning platform based on the “Learn to Earn” model called “ Agora LearnIts goal: to make the definition and purpose of Web3.0 technologies accessible and understandable.

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