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Green Brothers: Europe’s leading CBD producer and wholesaler

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Since its inception in 2016, the Green Brothers family farm has gradually becomeIt has been positioned as the leading CBD wholesaler and producer in Europe. A story of success and know-how that the company now intends to export to the four corners of the world.

The Green Brothers CBD Product Story

Specializing in the production and marketing of cannabis-based products and various derivatives to players in the pharmaceutical and entertainment industries, the family business Green Brothers currently owns twenty-two companies worldwide, including two laboratories in Switzerland.

We are the only CBD producer in Switzerland that works with almost all pharmacies. Our laboratories allow us to develop many THC-rich products, as well as other types of drugs He recognizes Herminien Porta, one of the Green Brothers’ managers.

Completely independent and owned since its inception by the three brothers of the family farm, the CBD wholesaler has achieved a turnover of 20 million euros in 2022, and 50 million euros over the past three years.

Green Brothers: A cross-border CBD wholesaler

On the luxury side, the CBD producer markets the products all over the world, including in France where the company makes half of its income. To increase its activity in France, Green Brothers recently acquired Cocorikuch, a company that specializes in selling legal cannabis without THC.

In Japan, Green Brothers also has a laboratory in which various types of cannabis products are manufactured: “ Japan and its population of 120 million people represents a very thriving new market. With a high level of purchasing power and intense work weeks, CBD products satisfy a strong need of the population, whether to combat anxiety or, for example, sleep problems. Herminin Porta adds.

Although the CBD wholesaler now supplies many professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, now its aim is to develop the B2C part of its activity in parallel, by also targeting its products to individuals, in particular through the six8.fr system. The company intends to rely on its 10 or so “consumer” brands to build loyalty among individuals, and thus grow its business in the long term.

While the German government recently presented a new plan regarding the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, many countries in Europe and around the world are gradually relaxing their legislation around CBD and hemp. An opening through which Green Brothers intends to play a leading role in the coming years, by offering high quality products to meet the ever-increasing demand.

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