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must be followed | Qubit Pharmaceuticals discovers medicines by quantum

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Founded in 2020 by 5 researchers from academic institutions in France and the United States (Louis Lagardère, Mathieu Montes, Jean-Philippe Bequemal, Guy Bondre, Pingyu Ren), Qubit Pharmaceuticals is a deeptech technology specializing in molecular simulation and modeling through the use of quantum physics. Its software runs on supercomputers to model quantum effects on a microscopic scale and, in turn, design new drugs.

Thus, the startup has collaborated with major technology players such as Nvida, notably by creating a computing platform that has been labeled as “the world’s most powerful for accelerating drug discovery.” Last December, Qubit also won the Laboratory of Theoretical Chemistry (Sorbonne University / CNRS).HPC Award for Excellence in Innovation for a Research Program Against COVID-19.

“Our goal for this year is to demonstrate our ability to deliver key results across all of our core businesses: expanding our portfolio to 10 drug discovery programs focused on cancers and inflammatory diseases with high unmet medical needs, forging our first partnerships with academic research groups and attached pharmaceutical companies, who are working on Expanding our presence in Boston and North America in general, as well as pushing the boundaries of quantum computing by building on new partnerships and creating new existing ones.”

Starting this year, the first drug candidates must be tested by pharmaceutical laboratories and Qubit aims to explore the fields of oncology, inflammatory diseases and antivirals. For this, the quantum cluster can count on the support of the French Tech Mission, which in March decided to include 20 French startups in the first French Tech Health20 promotion.

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