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BotaniCERT: Laboratory expertise specializing in the analysis of plants and plants

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Since its inception in 2011 by Francis Haji-Menaglu – Doctor of Pharmacy and expert in ethnobotany – the BotaniCERT laboratory has supported many industry players in the control and analysis of their botanical production. the goal? Help companies better control their production, while offering end consumers true transparency regarding the quality of products purchased.

Specializing in the control of plant raw materials, BotaniCERT Laboratory is currently working with several industrial companies (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, agro-foods, etc.) to market botanical products. ” Like the Expert Series, our task is to analyze a sample to immediately obtain all the information of the raw materials of the plant in a very detailed way. Today, not all products are systematically tested, and when they are, controls are generally inadequate. So our goal is to provide an authentic experience to verify what the herbal ingredients really contain. ”explains Loïc Loffredo, Managing Director of BotaniCERT.

On a daily basis, the laboratory assists players located throughout the production chain, and according to different types of needs, whether to control raw materials or to assist the company in finding the right supplier of plant materials.

New brand launch coming

To ensure the safety, efficacy and enhancement of the different products tested, the laboratory was able to develop its own innovative working methodology around the control of natural raw materials.

This methodology consists of analyzing all the particles of the product like a fingerprint. In the face of the proven effectiveness of this methodology, we have established our high-quality brand, Bhutanese +which will be launched in September 2023. This brand will finally allow consumers to choose products with respect to their true quality. Loïc Loffredo adds.

Thanks to the in-depth work carried out by BotaniCERT, the laboratory teams now want to offer consumers a real guarantee regarding the products they purchase. A “new generation” style of production that is more transparent and virtuous, which should encourage many manufacturers to be more vigilant about the quality of their products and their raw materials.

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