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Alexandre Chompeau is revolutionizing nutritional science online with Vize.co

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Internet access and the development of digital technologies have contributed to the emergence of e-health solutions. Dietetics is no exception, and remote training and monitoring offers have multiplied since the Covid-19 pandemic. To start a diet, learn how to rebalance your diet or adapt your diet to a pathology, it’s now easier to access nutritional support online. Alexandre Chompeau, a successful entrepreneur, has developed Vize.co, an innovative solution that revolutionizes the sector!

Providing access to healthcare for all through digital solutions

Reading an article about losing weight is not enough to achieve your physical and health goals. Receiving support from a qualified professional and using psychological support are essential steps to restoring a healthy relationship with food and your body.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, the habit of online treatments has grown. Today it is difficult to go to a clinic for a consultation. Recognizing these challenges, Alexandre Chompeau embarked on the field of e-health in 2020. For him, remote support is a way to provide access to health care for everyone, with more flexibility.

Developing an e-health platform, as a result of a long experience as an entrepreneur

If Alexandre Chompeau succeeds in developing an innovative digital solution, it is thanks to his long experience in entrepreneurship. Bold and pioneering, in 2006 he created his first website, while still a high school student. After his studies, he launched a web-based reference agency, which soon met with the expected success. With these experiences, the young man becomes an expert in digital entrepreneurship. He then referred to the growing need for online therapeutic monitoring, since the blockade imposed by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

the perfect mind in healthy body

In an article published in the women’s journal Marie France, the encouraging results of online therapy were reported, which allowed the creation of a privileged and strengthened relationship with patients. The goal is to democratize psychological follow-up and make it more accessible. Faced with this success, Alexandre Chompeau recognized the interest in complementing his offer by expanding it to other areas of health.

Whoever champions the adage “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body,” it is quite natural that he incorporates dietary and nutritional monitoring into his online support proposals. So he launched Vize.co, an innovative and promising diet app!

Vize.co app: complete and flexible online nutritional tracking

In the food and nutrition sector, online consulting has been around for several years now. Where Alexandre Chombeau innovates by launching an app. This digital interface provides complete follow-up, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By downloading or referring to them on their computer, the patient can:

_ Get a consultation with a dietician and nutritionist online;

_ Exchange messages (written, audio or video) with the practitioner every day;

_ Follow-up workshops on the Internet.

_ Consult fact sheets and nutritional programs on videotape.

Conduct nutritional assessments and monitor their weight regularly.

Before starting to follow the diet, the patient can choose the program according to his personal goals:

Finding a good nutritional balance.

_ adapt your nutrition to the pathology;

_ lose weight sustainably;

Healthy weight gain;

_ Eat properly during pregnancy or after childbirth.

All the professionals who provide their services on the platform are qualified and have experience that allows them to take care of different patient files.

An innovative solution that stands out from traditional accompaniments

Vize.co stands out from existing solutions with its 360-degree support and flexibility.

When you want to lose weight permanently or rebalance your diet, it is essential to work not only on your diet, but also on your state of mind, motivation, lifestyle, etc.

Thanks to the application, the patient receives daily support, which is crucial to the success of the diet. To access the tips, all you need to do is log in, without any restrictions of location or time. Question about the composition of the dish? Low morale after slowing down weight loss? Need information on a new food? There is no need to wait for the next appointment with your doctor, as is often the case with traditional online follow-ups.

With Vize.co, there is no interruption in the care journey, allowing you to keep your motivation intact.

The other important feature is the premium price of this online nutritional support. Many options are available at reasonable prices. An investment worth it, given the quality of service provided!

With his Vize.co app, Alexandre Chombeau is modernizing the online nutrition sector and democratizing access to health. Starting a diet or getting back in shape has never been easier with this innovative and practical solution!

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