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UBS launches its family office service in France

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You can be the world’s largest wealth management bank, eager to create value… financially, of course, but also societal! For decades, UBS has offered its clients a unique set of wealth experiences, while deploying a sophisticated strategy for sustainability and positive impact. The group has been operating in France for more than 20 years and has just launched with new management A comprehensive service called Global Family and Corporate Wealth.

Can you explain your strategy in France?

Xavier Bélis: The strength of the UBS group – and what sets it apart from its competitors – lies in the breadth of its services. We cover both personal needs (wealth management, family business transition from generation to generation, portfolio diversification, etc.) and professional needs (mergers and acquisitions, capital injections, asset management, etc.). We offer all these services through a single home, regarding the largest wealth manager in the world – with €4,000 billion under management – and one of the best investment banks globally.

What are your keys to success?

Henri Mills: A combination of our three divisions: Wealth Management, Investment Banking, and Asset Management. The family office structure became a common thread for a large number of wealthy families in France. Our GFIW (Global Family and Institutional Wealth) service provides easy, personalized access to all three divisions of UBS. We are both a strategic advisor in all our activities, an inspiration in identifying solutions, and we are known for our ability to implement at a corporate level, while ensuring the significant presence of our investment bank in Paris.

What are your main goals for 2023?

Johan Revalland: Our 500 employees have one keyword: development…. Developing our prestige customers, as well as our offering and relationships with the Group ecosystem. Our presence in France, Paris and the regions is critical to supporting our clients in their business life cycle. And let’s not forget about value creation. We are distinguished by our international expertise and the excellence of our services and employees. But we also want these financial successes to be agents of social progress. ESG investments are a top priority, especially for our wealthier clients.

communication : UBS France, 69 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris

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