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FinNest: Two ambitious Indians have created a global investment firm

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Two UK-based Indian investors, Biswanath Patnaik and Arun Kar, are featured in one of the latest print issues of Forbes Monaco. They also made the cover of Forbes magazine.

Founded by Indian international investor Biswanath Patnaik and UK-based Indian entrepreneur Arun Karr, FinNest is an early stage private equity firm that invests in visionaries with game-changing ideas. FinNest brings in more than just capital and focuses on renewable energy, electric and hydrogen vehicles, innovative technologies, consumer markets, fintech, smart cities and the public sector.

FinNest is led by leading industry experts in banking, technology, healthcare and renewable energy, as well as co-founders and CEOs of successful companies with expertise in areas ranging from banking to telecommunications to consumer markets.

Using the latest technology, their team helps the founders and their companies create a better world for humanity. They are at the forefront of change that they believe will benefit society as a whole. Visionary founders with strong investor networks, who believe in diversity, equality, and inclusion; And with targeted talent pools, it aims to connect entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, academics, and industry experts in the technology ecosystem.

FinNest partners with leading Fortune 100/Global 500 companies to provide resources to technology decision makers, influencers and thought leaders. FinNest uses this elite network as part of its preamble to help and grow its portfolio companies by giving them access to information across the diverse spectrum.

FinNest has a proven track record of investing in some of the fastest growing companies in Europe, the UK, the US, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

“From our founders to our own team, we partner with the best and brightest – no matter where they come from, our door is open to fresh talent and innovative ideas,” says Chairman Mr. Biswanath Patnaik.

Recently acquired FinNest investments

FinNest has secured a £500m (€575m) investment for innovative technology companies in sectors including renewable energy, hydrogen logistics locomotives, environment and sustainability, and economic and social governance, with non-financial factors being part of the material risks and growth opportunities. FinNest focuses on companies that can exploit technologies such as green hydrogen and/or solutions that reduce reliance on rare earth metals in battery technology. These solutions, combined with smart and connected vehicle technology, offer the potential to redefine the way goods are transported in the first place. They are also getting into the satellites and space technology of the future.

Based on the idea of ​​using technology for good, the FinNest team is also in in-depth discussions with a number of forward-looking UK local authorities. We work in partnership to identify investment opportunities that make a real difference to local citizens by harnessing the power of smart city technology. The FinNest Group’s core philosophy is that by bringing together the right partners, whether public, private or third sector, it is possible to find the optimal path to social good while providing a reasonable rate of return and opening up an approach that brings benefits to all.

FinNest also has a number of investment negotiations underway in relation to green energy solutions, with a particular focus on new business models involving local communities building energy service capabilities. As it strives to support technologies such as solar, thermal, wind and tidal power, FinNest also recognizes that many barriers to decarbonization lie outside the purely technical challenges of power generation.

In line with FinNest’s goal of supporting everyone, the company is also interested in a number of exciting startups offering technology solutions that can bring significant societal benefits.

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