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Dior Science is defying time with its “Reverse Aging” program that brings together the world’s first expert council in anti-aging

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Cycle, strong signal, important. Maison Dior inaugurated a new era in the field of longevity and cellular aging with its ambitious research programme, “Reverse Aging”. The tri-color brand wants to move forward by making skin rejuvenation possible, with the ultimate goal of adding beauty to the years. The birth certificate of the first science council – bringing together the world’s leading experts in aging and Dior Science Research experts – has been formalized by LVMH, which intends to take the lead on one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Forbes spoke with one of its spokespeople, Virginie Couturo.

“Reverse aging” is the trophy that has so far been unattainable in our societies. How do recent scientific discoveries encourage us to believe in this victory over time?

Virginie Cotrode The discoveries and findings of longevity research are among the most promising in science today. Then new laboratories or companies appeared calico from Google, Viola Lab Sponsored by Jeff Bezos, OR Retrobiosciences For example in the United States, which brings together researchers to work on this longevity. Epic reverse statute of limitations It has reached a level of sophistication that allows visualization of concrete translations. It becomes possible to act on signs of cellular aging, making use of the latest technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Quoting our specialist in hormonal aging and member of the Scientific Council at Dior Science, Professor Daisy Robinton, “ We have the tools and resources to reverse age-related damage and prevent functional decline in our tissues, organs, and general health before it happens. “.

At the cosmetic level, we have various examples and today we know that the sign of “inflammation” involves immune cells and leads to the acceleration of aging by destroying structures. So it is important to reduce this inflammation and repair the structures. Thanks to an exclusive bioprinted skin model that we developed and then exposed to inflammation-inducing UV light, we were able to decipher the biomarkers involved and measure the effectiveness of our new Granville rose extract at three levels of skin repair. All this science is contained in Dior Prestige cream.

Finally, the dream is now becoming a reality as models, technologies, and investments allow us to see that impacts are beginning to become measurable. We are so close to this drug and this beauty of good health prevention.

Virginie Couturaud, Dior Science spokesperson

Tell us specifically about your identification of the 12 key signs of aging, where in particular would you focus your work to preserve youthful capital?

Work carried out since the 2000s made it possible to identify nine major signs of aging in 2013, which in 2023 were increased to 12 major signs of aging (Scientific publication Lopez Otene). They are thus:

Dysbacteriosis, genomic instability, telomere shortening, epigenetic alteration, protein loss, impaired autophagy, nutrient sensing defects, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell stock depletion, impaired intercellular communication and chronic inflammation.

Although the signs of aging are specific, they are not independent of each other. Dior Science with LVMH Research I worked on all of these signs for 50 years! in 2002, with the discovery that protease functions are impaired after exposure to ultraviolet light. In 2009, Dior Science, in collaboration with the University of Modena in Italy, discovered the loss of the proliferative capacity of epidermal stem cells over time and under the influence of external attacks. In 2015, we developed a novel skin model to study lipid mediators of the inflammatory response to stress. The list goes on. We’ll find these discoveries in our products like Capture Totale for Stem Cell Science, and Life Gold for Genome Instability.

Today, Dior Science is leveraging this scientific heritage to take a crucial new step: delaying or even reversing the effects of time by continuing to investigate the mechanisms of longevity. With the Council, we will be able to compile and share the latest work on aging with the scientific community.

In light of your recent announcements during the high-profile aesthetics block, the AMWC conference in Monaco, it’s clear that Maison Dior intends to take the lead on this topic. What human and financial resources are you planning to mobilize?

All LVMH research is packaged behind this forum. There are five research sites around the world (Saint-Jean-de-Braye, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul) and 670 collaborating researchers. We would like to continue our contacts at scientific conferences, to initiate new research work and new scientific publications.

Virginie Cotrode: Dream come true! Dior Science is leveraging this scientific heritage to take a crucial new step: delaying or even reversing the effects of time by continuing to investigate the mechanisms of longevity.

Diet and lifestyle – as we know – are closely linked to health and improved aging. From a cosmetic point of view, how are you going to integrate this hard data to control the end customer?

This is indeed a very important factor in our aging process and its acceleration. It is an ‘educational’ role that gets into the ‘reverse aging’ theme. Furthermore, when we opened a spa at Eden Roc in Antibes, we organized a wellness retreat that made it possible to address all of these factors: yoga, nutrition, and care for a heightened awareness of well-being. But it’s also not about living under the dictation of doing well and mastering everything. Good aging also includes the joy of living, and if a good night with friends is necessary to reduce stress, it contributes to reversing aging even if the sleep is shorter. We develop products to compensate and reset skin and tissue functions

Aesthetic medicine has made tremendous progress, today women can be in their forties or fifties. Can cosmetic research come close to the results of this specialty in the medium term?

Aesthetic medicine is an effective way to produce quick effects. Cosmetics additionally come by providing work integration. If it is hyaluronic acid injection, stimulation of collagen synthesis by laser will quickly bring a snapshot of visible efficacy, which is not part of the duration and does not make it possible to reverse the functional mechanisms of the skin. Every day a cosmetic product revitalizes, revives, repairs and protects skin so it can function optimally. All of the cosmetic science will help support skin function.

Another important point with cosmetics is the application! Indeed, when applying a cosmetic product, there is touch, massage, and this is a very important point in stimulating the functions of the skin. If the result is not quick as in aesthetic medicine, the ability of the skin is stimulated to keep it functioning properly. The forty, bright fifties are above all a coherence between look and feel.

The skin is the mirror of the soul, and taking care of yourself through touch, using an unparalleled sensory cosmetic product so that the stimulating pleasure is at the height of the potency obtained on the skin … which is not that is not the case with an aesthetic procedure is generally no cakewalk.

Studies follow one another and agree unanimously: reaching the age of forty dooms the vast majority of women to accelerated social and professional withdrawal. Great is the judgment of women in their old age compared to their male counterparts. Isn’t it more of a societal task than freeing them from this sword of Damocles through reverse aging?

In fact, the reverse aging process is a health and beauty mission but also a societal one. In building our council, it seemed necessary to have a psychologist in order to address this topic. Aging, but also attractiveness, are primary factors that must be taken into account. “Survival of the Most Beautiful,” writes Professor Nancy Etkoff, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School. With her, we conducted a large study of more than 4,500 people in 6 different countries in order to study age perception. And if 4 out of 5 women accept their age, they would like to look younger if given the chance, regardless of country.

Providing the opportunity to live longer in good health allows us to choose how we want to age. The choices are made by our ecosystem and the most important thing is to be consistent and self-aligned. Radiant beauty can be achieved at any age with skin that works well, has no shine issues, and reflects good skin health.

In the near future, what Dior products will be revealed in line with your current research?

Our research is very active in Reverse Aging but with the creation of the Reverse Aging panel, acceleration will allow us to integrate all of this science into our products and combine different markers into the same product to work at different levels. Dior is the house of beauty but above all the house of science. The first ranges to take advantage of are Dior Prestige and Capture Totale. Moreover, Reverse Aging is progressive, with the Or de vie franchise already addressing 7 out of the 12 signs of aging today.

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