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SILVR, giving all digital businesses the means to succeed by making financing easier to access

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In a rapidly changing environment, finding financing to ensure its growth can often be complicated for digital businesses. SILVR supports them with innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Entrepreneurs in the tech world have known Nima Karimi and Gregory Tapiro for years
The difficulties that digital companies face when it comes to financing their growth. To help them look for financing, they founded Silvr in 2020. “While traditional players fund based on companies’ pasts, we fund them by looking into their future,” confirms Nima Karimi.

With neolending, Silvr’s offer adapts and integrates with customers’ cash flows, which is one of the most strategic topics for any company that wants to develop a product or enter a new market. “We’ve created a recurring way to fund companies to make them self-sufficient in the long term,” he explains. With over €100 million distributed in 2022 supporting more than 300 companies, Silvr today has the highest financing capacity in its industry.

To reinvent the finance experience, our financial analysis and risk analysis process is built on the basis of the highest market standards. To date, Neolender is the only player in its ecosystem to be ISO 27001 certified and to develop technology to ensure data security and processing. “Thanks to Silvr Capital, we can finance expenses necessary for growth (such as inventory or marketing expenses), but also more strategic investments such as hiring, for example. », the CEO continues.

In this sense, Silvr has developed a technology to connect to the software most used by digital companies. Thus, the financing process is simpler and more flexible for the user. The CEO explains: “For an e-commerce merchant, we will connect to Google Analytics, Shopify, Stripe, Facebook Ads and other accounts: all the tools used to run their business. From this data and thanks to a scoring system developed by our technical teams with risk analysts, we can predict the future income of the company and thus introduce it
Financing tailored to his needs. »

Through its understanding of the digital corporate economic model, but also the elastic aspect
And being undiluted to financing offers, Silvr stands out from the historical players. Now with an office in Berlin, it is now a European market leader thanks to the dual expertise of its teams: entrepreneurial experience and technological capability. And Nima Karimi concludes: “In 2023, for our first year on the market, Silvr aims to become a leader in new lending in Germany. »

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